Tuuk Black Labrador Retriever Male 1 Year Old ID #3023

black labrador retriever

Tuuk is a happy and handsome ten-month-old black Labrador Retriever who landed into Brookline’s care with his sister Biscuit. Their owners had a lot of love to give but not enough time for the exercise and socialization that young labs need.  They were heartbroken to let them go but realized it was for the best.  Please read Tuuk’s blog from the bottom up.

Tuuk is now available: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/tuuk-55084902/pa/warrington/brookline-labrador-rescue-pa06/

April 7, 2022

Tuuk has been doing really well and is learning new commands.  Most recently, he has been working on stay with a new friend.  Tuuk has really learned a lot in such a short time.

Watch what a good job Tuuk does in this video:

Tuuk works on “Stay”

black labrador retrieverTuuk is getting a lot of opportunities to socialize with lots of different dogs.  He is doing a great job meeting all shapes and sizes.  He recently met some quieter females, and he was very sweet and gentle with them.black labrador retriever black labrador retriever

March 28, 2022

black labrador retrieverHello!!  This is Tuuk checking in from Kamp.  I’ve been having a lot of play time here with fellow Brookline fosters, Otis and Marley.  Otis is a good friend so he has been helping me and Marley learn the ropes.black labrador retrieverblack labrador retriever black labrador retriever

Me, Otis and Marley have been going out on walks together.  My trainer says I am learning a lot and I am a great walker on the Gentle Leader.black labrador retrieverWhen it was warm out, they got out this thing called a hose and it made a puddle at the end of the slide.  I liked cleaning my muddy feet off in it.black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverMe, Otis and Marley like to play chase out in the yard, and we find fun things tug on.

black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverI hope my forever family comes to take me home soon.  I really miss hanging out with my people and getting snuggles!!black labrador retriever

March 21, 2022

Tuuk is doing really well in most areas. He’s very energetic and loves running, wrestling, chasing birds and playing with his dog. He has met lots of new friends, and has done really well with them all. black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverTuuk jumped right in the pool  when the weather warmed up.black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverTuuk loves playing and getting pets from people.  He is very sweet and affectionate and will lean into you when getting pets.black labrador retrieverHe’s doing very well on the gentle leader and his walking skills have improved dramatically. He is still a bit “all over the place”, as are most 10 month old Labs! Tuuk has been working on his walking skills with his new friends, and Brookline foster, Marley and Otis.black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverTuuk doing a lot of barking when he is in his run alone.  It could be some pent up energy or anxiety that he needs to burn off, so the trainer is going to try more time out in the yard  or on walks to see if the increase exercise helps him settle more while he is in the run.  His foster did report that when he was away from them he did bark so he just might not like being away from people for too long.

Since his leash skills are coming along so well, and he’d be much happier in a home environment, look for Tuuk to become available very soon!

March 13, 2022

Hi Everybody,

Today is the big day I head to Canine Kamp. Virginia, the camp counselor, said she can’t wait to meet me. I can’t wait to meet her, either!  My sister, Biscuit, went to camp with Virginia and learned all kinds of cool things – like how to walk on a leash real nice. I want to learn cool things, too. The walking thing would be great cos I l like going for walks. FM says I need to learn not that not everyone wants a big hug… And when I get excited to grab a toy instead of my people. Okay…I guess those are things I shouldn’t do. I just have a hard time remembering sometimes. My foster mom’s always forgive me, though, because…black labrador retrieverHow could anyone NOT forgive this face?!black labrador retrieverI know how to work my puppy dog eyes.black labrador retrieverYep, I have my FM’s wrapped around my paw. They sure are gonna miss me.black labrador retrieverI’ll miss them, too. But they say I’ll be so busy learning stuff and making friends and having fun that I won’t have time to miss them.  I hope that’s true.black labrador retrieverGotta go finish packing for Kamp!  Be there soon, Virginia!



March 12, 2022

Hi There!black Labrador Retriever

It’s me again, Tuuk!  Sorry it’s taken me a while to email again.  It’s been a busy few weeks here at my foster home.

First of all, I’m not allowed to run around the yard now because I was “fixed” last week.  I don’t get it; I could run great before.  How can the Dr say I’m fixed now?  I think my Foster Moms have been scammed. ☹  Someone should report this guy.  I’ve been driving my Foster Mom’s a bit crazy. I’ve got some pent up energy, and I thought Rubble would be up for a game of piggy back rides but foster mom says Rubble’s bum knee can’t take all that extra weight on his back.

Foster Moms are busy working on the Auction Fundraiser, sorting, taking pictures (I try my best to Photo Bomb!) and posting on the computer.  To me, that’s BORING, so I nudge them and if that doesn’t work, I let them know and give them some big BARKS.  They try playing mental games with me, hey that doesn’t sound right, does it?   But it always involves food so I play along.   I use a snuffle mat and Kong wobbler to eat, I have to sniff out the food and knock the wobbler around to get kibble.  I also play “Find it”, Foster mom places small piles of food all around the room in corners and behind furniture, again I use my nose to sniff it out.  I’m really good at it too.

I think I’m driving my Foster Moms a bit crazy since I’m not allowed to wrestle with Rubble.  They keep saying something about an extra large puppy that needs to learn his manners, and settle down.  Boy he sounds like fun; I’d love to play with him!  I LOVE to play.  I try to play with my Foster Moms, I’m not into balls or tugging, I like to wrestle!  I jump up on them when sitting or standing and try to get them to wrestle.  Unfortunately, they don’t play along.  Rubble is a great wrestling partner.

My foster Moms signed me up for some training at Kamp Canine.  I hear it’s a lot of fun.  They keep talking about Impulse Control, I’m learning but it’s hard, I do sit now when they open the crate door, sometimes it takes a looong time for them to open it though. Whenever I bark or stand up all excited, they step back.  What’s up with that?  I also don’t bolt out the door anymore, well, not all of the time. Okay, when there’s no distractions.  My Foster Moms said Kanine Camp will help with that and with walking on leash.

Foster Moms said I should be sure to tell you that I’m very handsome, sweet and a great snuggler.  You know what?  I think they love me as much as I love them.  😊black Labrador Retriever

February 26, 2022

Hi There!

It’s me, Tuuk!  Sorry it’s taken me a while to email again.  It’s been a busy week here at my foster home.  The nice lady next door – everybody calls her Ma – got sick and had to go the hospital.  That means my FMs were busy going to the hospital and going to Ma’s house.  It also means that Ma’s dog, Buster, came to stay with us!  That part was cool.  We got to be buddies!  Buster is a little guy, but he can keep up with the big dogs!

When I’m not running around the yard with Buster or playing bitey-face with Rubble, I like to play with toys.  Bones are great to chew.  Soft toys are great to shred.  Nothing beats de-stuffing a stuffie!  FM says my forever family should know that I also enjoy chewing on pillows and gloves and stuff like that.black and yellow Labrador Retriever

Even though I’m only 10 months old, FM says I am BIG…black Labrador Retriever

And that I have MONSTER PAWS!black Labrador Retriever

I’m also really strong.  When I decide I want to climb into FM’s lap, she has a hard time stopping me.  I’m trying hard to learn things like “sit” and “off”.  But sometimes my puppy brain gets too excited.

I sleep in my crate at night and I hang out in my crate when my FM’s go out.  I’m really good about going into my crate.  But I’m still working on being a good boy while I’m in there.  I get bored and I bark.  FM thinks I bark a bit too much sometime when they don’t come and get me.  I’m an early riser –around 6AM, sometimes earlier – and I like to let everyone know that I’m awake.  So, I bark.  FM said it’s rude to bark so much.  I don’t mean to be rude.  I just want out of the crate.  Me and my FMs are working on having me settle down before I come out of the crate.  FM waits for me to be quiet and sit down before she opens the crate door.  We’re getting better at it.  Tonight, after dinner, FM hardly waited at all before opening the crate.  She’s making progress!

FM says I’m really good with the other dogs.  She said I’m submissive and easy-going.  Whatever that means.  I think it has something to do with the way I back off if another dog grumbles at me.  Even when a little guy like Buster grumbles, I just move on.  I don’t want any trouble.  The only think FM doesn’t like is when I jump on Rubble’s back.  That happens when we are playing and I get excited.  FM says that might stop after I get neutered next week.  I don’t know what that means, but FM says it like it’s a good thing so I guess it is.

Oh, speaking of good things, I got a really cool package yesterday!  It had toys and treats and a cool bandana – all for me!

FM said I can wear my bandana on St. Paddy’s Day and they will call me O’Tuuk!black Labrador Retriever

BTW – my name is pronounced “tuck”.  My owner named me Tuuk because he’s a big hockey fan.  Tuuk is a part of an ice skate.

Guess that’s all for now.  Happy Friday everybody!  Looking forward to a fun weekend!black Labrador Retriever

February 17, 2022

Well after a long ride, I landed at Camp McGee tonight and met the 2 resident labs.  All introductions went well and we even had some chase games out in the yard.

Once inside, I was busy investigating this Foster Home corner to corner and joining the occasional Bitey-Face game with Rubble.

After 2 hours, I was wiped, so I settled down for a short nap.black Labrador Retriever

My new FM’s say that I’m a big boy, weighing in at 78lbs, and tall with easy access to tables and counters.  They said something about needing to do some quick housecleaning to move all tempting goodies from reach.

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