Twila- 4 yr old black female

black labrador retriever standing in leaves

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November 20, 2017

black labrador retriever standing in leavesTwila is continuing her journey from a farm momma to a family pup. She is really becoming more and more comfortable with her new life. Although she is still really jumpy with quick movements or sounds, she has really calmed down, well as much as a four year-old can. She no longer hangs out by herself in our mud room, but likes to be in the middle of the action. And wow, with three dogs, we do have a lot of action around here. At first, Twila would pick at her food and take a few bites, go around to see what was happening, then go back. She could get a bowl of food to last an hour. She now eats her food without the breaks.

She really loves to be loved on. Twila learned that the sofa is the best thing ever invented. She has become the queen of the sofa at our house. Twila does not sleep in a ball either, she stretches out so that she is the only one that can be on it. She is snoring away on the sofa as I write this update. Twila is the queen of snoring, I really thought our dog Hope was until Twila moved in! She snores like a champ.

black labrador retriever laying down looking upShe has not had one accident in the house. Being around two other dogs has really helped that I am sure. I believe she will make some family very happy!

Twila is finally out of the cone of shame and loves to run around the yard. She will fetch a tennis ball and bring it back. Twila will then drop the ball and will be ready to do it again! It is all ways a race to see who will get to the ball first.

She has not been around toddlers yet, but our two older grandchildren have been over and she has been very good around them. The real test will be when out 2 year-old grandson comes over. He loves the dogs, so he will be the best test.

Getting her to stand still for a picture is tough, but we did get a labrador retriever red scarf toy box









November 13, 2017

Twila is a beautiful former farm girl black Lab. She is 82 lbs of pure love.

I picked her up from Smoketown on Saturday afternoon. She really did not want to leave with me, but after a few minutes decided that she did not have a choice and I was taking her to begin her new life. I had to work her a little to get her into the car, but not as much as I had to do to get her out of the car. It took me about 5-10 minutes to get her out of the car, and even offering her a treat or two did not work. She finally did decide that maybe she getting out of the car would be ok.

The meeting with our two former farm girls went fine. After a few minutes of smelling each other, they all decided that this may work. All three are getting along with no worries between the three of them.

yellow, chocolate, black labrador retriever slooking upTwila spent her first night in our back mud room. She would venture out to see what was going on, but then retreat back to the mud room. I moved her bed back there and that is where she decided to sleep. Since then she has decided that there was more interesting being part of the family, including being loved on. She is still very shy and needs some prodding to get her to come to you. She is getting braver, however. She still needs her space. She is also very nervous and every noise makes her jump. She is settling in and is getting used to our other dogs. Twila just needs her space and we are respecting that.

I will include some pictures with the next update. When I get the camera out, she runs away. I think that is the Amish in her. She is going to make her new forever family very happy. Until then, here is a picture of our three farm girls. As you can see, we have reached the Lab trifecta! Hope, our 9 year old chocolate Brookline rescue, Gracie, our 7 year old yellow foster flunky, and Twila, our 4 year old new foster.

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