Twila Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #3396

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Twila #3396 came into rescue today.  She is a very pretty 5 year old yellow, female lab.  She hasn’t been used much for breeding and the farmer wanted to retire and rehome her.  She got her rescue ride off the farm today, straight to a bath to wash the farm funk off of her, then to the vet.  She checked out very healthy and was the sweetest, most compliant patient.  The techs at the vet office were all ooohhhing and aaahhhing at how pretty and sweet she was!

Twila weighed in at 76lbs today and while she could stand to tone up, she’s a pretty good weight.  She was falling asleep sitting up at the vet’s office waiting for her bloodwork results.  After her big day, I’m sure she needs a nap! She is on her way to foster care with her foster mom Nancy now.  I look forward to updates on pretty Twila!  Welcome to your new life!

July 8, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

Hello, everybody! It’s time to re-introduce Twila to the Brookline Community. After the shock of leaving the farm and a tough recovery from her spay surgery in February, Twila moved to a second foster family where she could enjoy her preference as the only dog in residence. Twila immediately bonded with her FM but needed plenty of opportunity to adjust to living in a home with a family, barking at anyone who wasn’t FM every time they entered, or left and re-entered the room, especially her FD.

With time, she has proven to be sweetest, snuggliest dog her foster family has ever met – she is happiest being velcro’d to FM wherever she sits or lays with at least one paw touching her at all times. In the absence of FM, she will consent to doing the same with the remaining members of the family. She takes a bit of time to warm up to strangers, but once she becomes comfortable with a new person, she will almost immediately roll-over and demand belly rubs. When she wants attention or head scratches, she is not above nudging a hand or forearm with her nose, or placing her head directly on a knee. And if allowed on the bed, she would prefer to sleep with her head on a pillow cuddled next to her favorite human, though she can be trained to sleep through the night at the bottom of the bed, and only wiggle her way into a snuggling position next to (or on top of) her favorite human AFTER the sun comes up, or it becomes obvious that the humans are awake.

Twila doesn’t play much beyond the very infrequent zoomies, but is an energetic walking partner, and seems happy with any amount of walking – she’s happy to walk long distances, often at a near trot with only the expected amount of sniffing and distraction. She has on occasion demonstrated a mild interest in at least chasing a ball, though the returning part of fetch still hasn’t caught on with her. Twila does pretty well with her leash manners, but would be thrilled to live somewhere she can walk off-leash easily, as its obvious how much she likes to move about and explore untethered. That said, Twila is sooo bonded to her current favorite human (FM) she has been known to outright refuse to walk with anyone other than FM if the latter is at home, exercising her full protest by flopping down dead weight, and refusing to move beyond the front porch. This can be overcome with high value treats (e.g., hot dogs) and a lot of coaxing, and generally once primed to go she will walk along in her usual manner but it can introduce some challenges to the daily schedule and routine.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Last month Twila required a follow-up surgery to remove an ovarian remnant left behind from her spay, but has been a pretty model patient and is almost all healed. More recently she also had her ears treated for an infection which has cleared up nicely. While the vet is very obviously not her favorite place to go, she has done just fine with her visits.

Twila came into foster care as a very disinterested eater who initially turned her nose up at several foods and a number of special dog treat staples – peanut butter, cheese, and Greenies. This has definitely turned around, and Twila now will eat almost anything in her bowl with most meals consisting of kibble (softened with a little water) and sometimes a little flavor extra mixed in – a spoonful of wet food, some chicken pieces, etc. She demonstrates pretty good table manners, sitting nearby and showing interest in what the family is eating, but never whines or begs.  Twila will counter surf if left unattended with food in the kitchen and has helped herself to some bread, meatloaf, and cherry pie, though this never happens when humans are present.

Twila is taking daily meds for anxiety, one of which (beef flavored) she doesn’t seem to mind and currently she eats it with her regular food. FM has been working with the vet to find the best option for a second med since she doesn’t appreciate pill pockets and is an expert at eating around all other pills when hidden in basically any other food.Yellow Labrador Retriever

A note about the anxiety: Twila continues to improve on her family-living skills – she still alert barks inside the home but not nearly as often as she did when first off of the farm and generally not anymore with her immediate foster family or routine visitors. Outside while walking she pays little attention to other passing dogs, though she does keep track of squirrels and bunnies, and loves to chase after bugs. She enjoys car rides, doesn’t seem to mind longer ones and settles quickly as long as she is with her people. Yellow Labrador RetrieverTwila has shown she can become testy with other dogs, but generally in the presence of FM, which seems to be a jealousy/resource guarding behavior. Twila’s most significant challenge is the bond to her FM and separation anxiety she experiences when FM is not around. When medicated she remains pretty calm, but ensuring adequate time for her to become properly medicated does require a bit of planning ahead.

Twila would live her best life in a household with someone who is around most of the day–either retired or working full time from home. Ideally, Twila would like to be a constant companion for a family willing and able to take her along for regular day-to-day errands, or on vacation. Though it hasn’t been attempted, her personality suggests she would not do well boarding while the family jets to far-off destinations. Twila doesn’t mind older children as she enjoys all the opportunities to receive physical attention but really would love to be an “only child” without any competition for the affections of her favorite human.

February 14, 2024

Twila has been off the farm for 9 days now and it’s been quite the whirlwind.   First 3 days went well and then she was spayed last Thursday (2/8).

The vet said she did well and she snoozed on her way to our home.  She had a quiet evening but then started having issues with vomiting and diarrhea starting at midnight that landed us at the vet the next morning and then to the ER at 3 am on Saturday.   She came home on Monday and the vet and staff said she was a charming patient.  The internal medicine vet attributes her condition to either anesthesia reaction, GI manipulation during surgery or perhaps stress.   Good news is she has a plan to get her GI back to snuff with some meds over the next 10 days.

Since she has been home, she has been a bit stressed.   While she clearly remembers me, she has to readjust to being here.  She is doing great with Crinkles, my disabled dog but has been telling Freda when she gets near that she needs space.  Freda is chill and she backs away and gives her space.  Twila had a bad experience on the farm with another dog and feels like she is transferring those feelings to Freda. Yellow Labrador Retriever

Twila is super Velcro to me – she loves belly rubs and pets.  I do think she would do best as an only dog as she is clearly a people dog.Yellow Labrador Retriever

She loves her walks and doesn’t pull.  She looks happy while she walks with her tail always wagging.

She should be ready for adoption in about 10 days once she is fully healed.   She will make a family very lucky to have this gorgeous, cuddle bug for a pet.

February 8, 2024

Twila’s foster mom here.  Twila is currently at the vet getting spayed – her puppy making days are officially over 🙂

She did not want to get out of the car this AM as the many barking dogs frightened her but I coaxed her in and I know she will do great – I’ll update you all tomorrow.Yellow Labrador Retriever

To update you on her progress and her personality after being in our care for almost 4 days now.  She has come a long way in a short time!

She was fearful of barking dogs on our walks and now will walk by with a bit of hair raised

She and my 2 senior dogs are peacefully coexisting – they make great office mates for me.

She has mastered the stairs like a champ!

She loves to walk but mostly does her business in my backyard and will signal by pawing at the back door when she has to go.

She sleeps through the night – I am still sleeping on my first floor with her and the other two dogs

She eats well – I do have to feed her on a flat surface as she hasn’t mastered ‘the bowl’ yet

She doesn’t seem to be drinking as much water as she should – any tips?

She’s a cuddle bug and velcro to me!  She will jump up on my lap during work calls and she will lie on her back offering her belly to me for rubs

She is a BEAUTY!  She is short in stature and can definitely stand to lose about 5-7 lbs. to tone up.  Her color is gorgeous – primarily cream colored with some honey yellow on her face and along her back.   She is mostly shaped like an English Lab but you can see she has some American Lab mixed in.

She’s a joy to foster to date!  She is fearful of people on the street and learning to like Foster Dad.  Given how quickly she has adapted so far, I know she will continue to impress.

February 6, 2024

My name is Twila and my world has been turned upside down in the last 36 hours!  First, a very nice lady and man took me from my home.  It was confusing but they are nice people who gave me yummy treats.  The man was nice enough to pick me up and put me in this thing that moved and brought me to a new place.  I wasn’t so sure about that place as they put me in a tub and wet me and made me smelly. I prefer the fresh scent of the creek but oh well, the massage was comforting. The lady kept talking to me and making me feel safe and relaxed.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

We left that place and she took me to another place that smelled weird. I got to meet some new people including a lady they said was my Foster Mom.  She held the wooden stick covered in cheese and made me feel safe.  It was pretty boring there so I decided to snooze while I sat.

Next, we left there and she opened her car rear hatch and I jumped right in.  There were two comfy beds  that I took turns relaxing in or sitting on during the long drive to her place.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

The lady took me for a walk so I could sniff around and do my business. Guess what? I don’t know to do my business on walks so it was a no go. I did get scared when I heard a dog bark and she then walked a different direction which I appreciated.

I checked out her place and even went up and down a couple of stairs.  This was new for me and she said I did them like a pro. I hung out and explored her first floor and took a nap.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

The man came home later in the afternoon and the lady took me for a walk. On the walk, I met two other dogs.  Freda is yellow and came from a farm also. We just smelled each other and all was good. This made me feel better as there was a dog where I used to live who was mean to me and bit my nose :(. I also met a brown dog named Crinkles. She was in a wagon.  I just sniffed her nose and she sniffed mine – no problem.

I ate a good dinner – the lady had to dump it on the rug for me as the bowl confused me. Once she did that I ate all my kibble.  Yum!

Bedtime came and I got confused. The lady slept on the first floor with me and the other two dogs. I was confused and kept scratching the door to go out. I finally did my business in the yard. I still couldn’t settle and was scared and cried at times.

Today was a new day!  I started exploring more of the house and I mastered the two flights of stairs. The lady kept saying good girl which made me feel special. The stairs were wooden and the other carpeted and are no problem for me.

Most of the day was walks and then naps while the lady sat and stared at something and talked to it and people in it talked back to her (I think maybe she is crazy)

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Stay tuned for more updates!

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