Twila #4 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #2741

July 15, 2020

Wow time is flying by! I’ve been so busy sleeping and wagging the days pass so fast!yellow Labrador Retriever

I had my first holiday with my foster family and my mom was worried that I wouldn’t like fireworks. To be honest I found them a little lame. All the booms and pops day after day at all hours, it got in the way of my sleep. I went outside for potty and the sky lit up, that was pretty! I think I’d be into the holiday more if I was allowed to par-take in the BBQ part!

We’ve also had lots of thunderstorms- YAWN! Is that the worst thing to a dog? I think my foster mom thinks I’m hard of hearing because nothing seems to bother me. But she KNOWS I’m not hard of hearing because I can hear a bag of chips being opened from three rooms away! For the most part I don’t eat table food, mom tried a blueberry and THAT was a close one (did you know they’re good for you? Ew.) my favorite thing so far is cheese. Now CHEESE should have a holiday (or does it?)

I love the little humans. Ohhh when they get up in the morning they are just as wiggly as me! They pet me and talk to me; they throw my ball over and over even though they don’t throw very far! I’ll miss them the most when I leave for my “forever” home. Foster mom says I’m almost ready, I hope they have tennis balls where I go!

June 30, 2020

I love it here! As a thank you to my foster mom I spent most of last night making her a custom strapless bra. She didn’t like it, wouldn’t even try it on. I will reattempt at a later date.

My foster family can’t believe how picky I am about food! They’re confused how I got overweight. Speaking of overweight! My foster mom is expecting a litter (is that what humans call it?) Being a retired breeder mama, I asked her how many babies she’s having? “Just one.” I’m sorry- ONE?! I never had a litter with less than five puppies at a time. Humans have it easy!

Foster mom tried walking me with a harness and I didn’t like it so I tried to chew it off of my body. She switched me to a “flat collar” and said I was a “dream” on my leash. I’d still rather roam free! I promised to come right back but no one believes me.  I love sleeping through the night and most of the day!

The two little humans love to pet me and talk to me and my whole-body wiggles! I can’t help it! It starts at my tail and pretty soon even my shoulders and head are moving! The little girl asks me “who’s a good girl?!” And I whine “me me me!”yellow Labrador Retriever and boy

And the little boy lets me lick his face, sometimes he poops in the house and no one minds! Go figure! I only poop outside because I’m a lady.

June 25, 2020

Hello everyone my name is Twila! I am a happy, English lab who recently retired from breeding. I’m very healthy and only six years young! My foster mom says I have to get more active but after being a mommy to my puppies for years I feel really behind on my sleep.yellow Labrador Retriever sleeping

Still- she insists I lose some weight; she says it’ll help my joints and make getting up and down easier. I LOVE my little foster humans; they haven’t mentioned my weight at all. In fact, I think they find me on the skinny side. The littlest one is fun to follow because he’s always dropping something to eat or hugging me. I like to kiss his whole face it tastes like peanut butter!yellow Labrador Retriever and boy

I only ever potty outside (where else?!) but my foster mom seems to think it’s a very big deal! I sleep the night from 9:00 PM through until 8:00 AM- and then throughout the day too! Like I said- years of puppies. It’s nice having a dog friend in this house, he’s older than me and has never had puppies but he said it sounds tiring. It is!yellow Labrador Retriever sitting

Today I decided to show foster mom that I can bark if I want to!  I only did it once and her head spun around to watch me, I didn’t do it again because I like to keep her guessing! It made the littlest human giggle. He is my favorite!

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