Vivie Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID#2654

Yellow Labrador RetrieverVivie, formerly known as Vol-Sta by her farmer has arrived into Brookline’s care along with Karissa.  They both came from the same farmer, and are finished with their breeding days.  Please read Vivie’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about this sweet girl.

December 27, 2022

Good morning, all! I know we are still on break, but I wanted to update the group about how amazing Vivie is! She has really been enjoying laying by the fire and is not skittish with the popping and crackling of the logs. She being near the warmth.Yellow Labrador RetrieverVivie continues to make good progress on the leash/harness. We have discovered that she’s a “spinner”- whenever she is happy or excited, she spins like a top. She also spins when she’s doing her business on a walk or in the yard. It’s hysterical to watch this girl!Yellow Labrador RetrieverVivie has also started making noises like a pig that’s searching for truffles. Also absolutely hysterical. She is making the noises throughout the day and we laugh every time.Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe LOVED receiving her Christmas stocking and took out each new toy that Santa brought. Please enjoy the video of Christmas morning (not the best since the picture kept flipping) and the video of Vivie loving a puppy that was visiting.

December 12, 2022

Vivie is such a sweet, affectionate girl! She is so very smart. She now knows the commands (hand and spoken) for sit, stay, come. She is a gem in the car and will eagerly jump in and out of the car without help. She runs like the wind and has come to LOVE toys (especially squeaky), bones, treats, and tennis balls but is very gentle and will release. Although Vivie has a lot of energy and is a happy, playful girl, she settles easily. She takes treats gently and likes to be brushed. She really enjoyed her Brookline gift box (Thank you!!).

Yellow Labrador RetrieverVivie adores all the other dogs she’s met and races to the fence to visit with our neighbor’s dogs. She has learned the joy of comfy dog beds and rotates among them. She continues to enjoy her daily walks and leash/harness training is a work in progress.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverThe vet and assistant at VIP fell in love with Vivie! She is UTD on her shots and all testing was negative. She is scheduled for her spay on January 5th and will be available once the rescue opens up from break.

December 6, 2022

We have some exciting news! Vivie discovered toys this morning (at 6 am) . She began tossing around a squeaky toy then was so happy to chase it and bring it back!

She also LOVES retrieving tennis balls. She would run forever if someone is willing to throw it for her. She loves being outside and taking walks.

Leash training is a slow but steady process. She discovered the joys of a comfy couch and foot rest last night and is quite a snuggler.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverVivie had no accidents overnight or at all yesterday. She again slept peacefully downstairs with the run of the first floor. She has yet to bark but is a very happy, playful girl.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe loves affection. Today, we learn how she does with a brushing. She will also get her shots and go for a vet visit today.

December 5, 2022

Hello all!  Vivie settled nicely last evening. She had a burst of playful energy at 11 pm (of course) and was jumping, tossing bones, and trying to get resident lab Boomer to play. He wanted none of this and just wanted to sleep on his soft, warm blanket. Vivie slept downstairs and was quiet all night.

Despite going out at 11:30, she had a poop accident on the kitchen floor overnight (probably stress-induced). Since then, no accidents in the house. She is a fast learner!

Vivie has not laid on a dog bed yet and we can’t wait to see her expression when she realizes how warm and comfy they can be. She doesn’t know how to play with toys yet either. She continues to take treats gently and even obeyed the “sit” command twice. We began leash training this morning and she was a zig-zagging queen. She thoroughly enjoyed the walk and loved seeing the children, other dogs and 2 puppies on our walk. She is not skittish on walks and is friendly with everyone she meets. She is submissive and flips onto her back for belly rubs constantly. She has become my shadow but adapts when I leave the room or go out.

Vivie also seems to respond to her new name already!

December 4, 2022

A BIG thank you to Jen for driving through a downpour on the turnpike to free this girl from the farm yesterday, to Stacie for picking up Vivie ,taking her for her rabies, and caring for her until I could pick her up, and to unflappable, rock-star Katie for coordinating everything.Yellow Labrador RetrieverI chose the name Vivie to represent this beautiful girls’ vivacious personality. Stacie reported that Vivie had no accidents today and went potty outside throughout the day with no problem. She has been less anxious today and acclimated beautifully to the switch into my home this evening. She was a gem in the car and slept for the ride without a peep. She met the family and resident dog, Boomer, very nicely and enjoyed exploring the fenced-in backyard.Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe tried to counter-surf since dinner was being prepared but a firm “no” helped curb this.  Vivie is now resting by my feet snoring very loudly. She has shown no “mouthiness” today for Stacie or in my home.  Since Vivie pulls on the harness/leash, we will start training in the morning  during our walk and will begin with some basic commands.Yellow Labrador RetrieverThis girl is so very sweet and loves affection!  The vet estimated her to be about 4 years old and she weighs 60 lbs. She is a sweet petite lab.   

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