Walker Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 5 Months Old ID #3349

May 5, 2023

Walker is a natural! It only took one throw from me that he chased but didn’t pick up.  When I picked it up and came back to the starting point and threw it again, he instantly caught on that retrieving it meant more throws! Smart boy!

May 1, 2023

Walker has been with me for one week and is still getting used to being off the farm and living in a home.

Any new sights and sounds startle him, and his reaction is to back up and bark at whatever it is. Last night, it was a TJ Maxx reusable bag filled with crate blankets that tipped over and startled him. He’ll also let out one bark when my husband gets up to use the bathroom during the night, but I just tell him everything is okay and he goes back to sleep. When I correct him, I do it in a soft voice because sharp or loud sounds upset him. It’s great that he doesn’t require much correction; he is very well-behaved for a 5-month-old puppy.

He quickly learned that a “sit” is required before he gets a treat and we are working on “off” since he’s a bit of a jumper. He knows all the sounds associated with being fed and getting treats and will show up without being called. He comes when called in the yard and also responds to a whistle. We still need to practice leash walking since he is hesitant to walk on a leash, but the weather has not been very conducive to that over the last few days.

We are still working on house training, but it is a work in progress and he has periodic accidents when I’m not paying close enough attention. He doesn’t signal to go out, drinks a lot of water, and needs a ton of pee breaks throughout the day. But, we’re starting to get on a pretty good schedule to address those needs. I keep an eye on him for chewing also since he does occasionally chew things he shouldn’t. Whenever I catch him, I substitute a deer antler, chew stick, or Starmark Everlasting Treat to satisfy his urge to chew.

Walker can self-entertain with toys, especially after he found the toy box and now helps himself. He’s pulled out toys I had forgotten were in that box.

He has not been crated at my house other than for bedtime. I toss a few treats in the crate and he goes in and settles and is quiet all night (except for the bark noted above). His sleep time is only about 6 hours, but that could be because my resident Lab is an early riser and Walker figures he might as well join him. He puts himself down for naps throughout the day whenever he is tired and chills incredibly well for a puppy. Usually when we settle down to watch TV after dinner, he’ll snooze on one of the dog beds in our family room.

Walker got a clean bill of health at his Vet visit with the exception that he had fleas (which are now gone since he is on Nexgard), and he tested positive for Lyme disease for which he is on a 21-day course of antibiotics.

When Walker first arrived, he was pretty much attached to me like Velcro and didn’t wander too far from me! He is now more adventurous and doesn’t hesitate to explore my 3-acre fenced wooded lot, sometimes out of my sight. He discovered a couple days ago that if he jumped up in the chair or the tote that holds all of Buzzy’s balls on the back patio he could get on top of Buzzy’s shade gazebo. He’s quite the character and a joy to be around!

April 23, 2023

Just one day after his rescue ride, Walker’s world is opening up.

Last night, he discovered toys and decided squeaking is fun!

Although I thought crating him might prove difficult, he went into his crate with a few treats thrown in and was quiet until his early wakeup at 4:45 AM!

Yesterday, he didn’t understand my male’s invitation to play, but today he initiated play on several occasions.

Walker had freedom to roam around the rural farm he came from, so wandering through my wooded property is a pleasure for him and something with which he is very comfortable. I tried a leash on him while walking in the woods today and he walked fine on the leash. I’ll need to bring him out front on pavement to see if the different surface is what was causing his hesitancy to walk while leashed yesterday.

Walker is quickly adjusting to the comforts of living in a home.  So far, he has tried out 3 of the 8 dog beds and one of the dog chairs and has decided this life isn’t bad!Yellow Labrador Retriever He has the endless curiosity of a puppy and enjoys chasing birds, squirrels, bugs, falling twigs, leaves, and anything else that moves. Luckily, he has not yet seen the bunnies, toads, or snakes.

The vacuum cleaner isn’t his favorite thing, but he was curious enough to stay within 10 feet of it. The TV, although initially frightening, is now something he enjoys watching.

Walker is a pure joy!

April 22, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

5-month-old Walker left the breeding farm today and is now in foster care. Although he had some socialization and free run of the property on the rural farm, there are many things that are new to him.  He pancakes to the ground if I put a leash on him, but in my fenced 3 acres of woods with trails, he’s a great walking buddy off leash. Yellow Labrador RetrieverI’ll be trying to get him comfortable with a leash over time. He’s afraid of the TV, which is understandable since he’s likely never seen one. Buzzy has been trying to initiate play with him but it seems as though Walker doesn’t know what he should do. Towards the end of the day, it seemed he might be getting an inkling of what play is. We’ve been going on woods walks every hour and so far, he has done all of his business outside. He already knows where the door is to leave and come back inside the house and he has shown no fear of thresholds. He is somewhat vocal – not with barking but with whines and cries and even a few wolf howls. I’m sure he misses his brother and other dogs on the farm and will take some time to acclimate. He has beautiful dark red eyelashes but is lacking the black nose he should have at this age. He appears to have a snow nose which is common in older Labs but not what I would expect to see in a puppy. Snow nose can come and go (oftentimes returning to black after the winter), so perhaps his black nose will return. Yellow Labrador RetrieverHe has the cutest curls on his butt and waves down the length of his tail, which ends in what looks like a paint brush. Walker is going to take some time to get used to living in a house, but he is friendly and very lovable and will be a great companion.

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