Weezie Black Labrador Retriever Female 12 Years Old ID # 3110


April 4, 2022

Weezie has really melted into her new life the past couple weeks. She’s settled into a new routine, all the new smells and new places.  She even gave me her belly for the first time and has taken over my favorite chair as her own 😆.

Weezie has become much more affectionate each day and is loving all the back, butt, ear and paw rubs she receives. Weezie loves meeting new people and we’re still working on her super excited energy when seeing other dogs

March 20, 2022

Weezie had an eventful week. She enjoyed car rides, a puppacino, and a trip to the vet.

While she still seems confused as to why she’s here, she continues to settle in.

Weezie does great on a leash but does get excited when other dogs come near, so we’re working on that. She had a trip to the vet and has some typical senior issues and we will know more when her blood work comes back this week.

No one that meets Weezie can believe she’s 12!!  We do (4) half mile walks each day, and she does stairs like a champ.  She loved her car ride to the vet, got a puppacino on the way home, and went down for a nap.

March 13, 2022black Labrador Retriever Mix

Weezie has been here just over two weeks.  She seems to have almost totally decompressed; on days 12 & 13 Weezie slept almost the entire day. She becomes a little more open each day.

Weezie likes it best when I work from home, and stays close by.black Labrador Retriever Mix  She barks when she needs to go out and likes to meet everyone we meet while out for a walk. Weezie walks gently on a leash but gets excited when she sees other dogs.  We’re working on that.  black Labrador Retriever Mix

Weezie has a vet appointment this week for a check and some shots.

March 4, 2022

Weezie has been in foster care for a week now, and accepts her new surroundings and routines a little more each day.  She’s very trusting and submissive, but like any of us getting up there in age (wink wink), can get an attitude from time to time. It’s pretty funny.

Weezie is a typical labby girl. She likes to stay close to her people, walk and explore, sleep on the bed, is food motivated and eager to please.  She thinks all humans and dogs are here for her enjoyment.  She’s a good companion when I work from home, but has started barking on a zoom call or two 😵‍💫.

Weezie wanted to show you her new harness, black Labrador Retrievercomfort bed, and high-top food bowls.  She loves them all and is settling nicely into this new, unexpected life

March 1, 2022

It’s day 4 at Camp Weezie and you’d never know this gal is 12 years old! black Labrador Retriever Weezie loves playing with her toys but then switches gears from play to walk to sleep faster than a NASCAR driver. black Labrador Retriever

While she still seems confused at what’s happening and why her world suddenly changed, Weezie loves exploring all the new sights and sounds.  She’s often unsure of them, but is quickly accepting of them.  Her face seems to say “ok, cool! Next!”  She has no problem letting you know when she wants attention or has to go out.

Weezie gets more comfortable each day, loves sharing a bed and has to be touching you at all times.  She’s a shadow and follows me everywhere.  She loves car rides, walks and meeting new people and dogs.  Weezie often buries her head in my elbow for affection, gives kisses when you least expect it, and likes to stay close to her person.

February 26, 2022

Weezie has been in foster care for 24 hours and is settling in by leaps and bounds.  The life that she’s known for 12 years changed so quickly. While Weezie is confused and unsure, she’s also very sweet and seems to trust that this new life she’s in will be ok.

Todays first task was bathing Weezie to wash away lots of dirt.  She wasn’t thrilled about the bath but eventually liked the warm water. black Labrador Retriever Later Weezie enjoyed 2 long walks and explored the Delaware canal.  She’s very well trained and polite, insisting that I lead the way and walk thru doors first.

She knows sit, shake, come and get the ball. She’s already playing with toys and leaning in for pets. black Labrador Retriever

She has such a cute walk; it’s almost like a prancing horse.

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