Wesley #2 Black Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old ID#3399

Black Labrador RetrieverMeet Wesley!  He is a handsome 5 year old black Labrador who was given up by his breeder when he was no longer wanted as a stud dog.  Please read Wesley’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about him in foster care.


October 20, 2023

We’re checking in with Wesley who is recovering from his neuter surgery. He is resting comfortably and is taking it easy for 14 days. Wesley will be ready to find his forever family next week but until then, here are some photos of this handsome hunk of love hanging around looking sweet!

Enjoy the weekend!Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

October 11, 2023

We have fallen head over heels in love with Wesley. We are so smitten that we planned to foster fail but our older resident lab tore her ACL unexpectedly and with the possibility of surgery or water therapy or both, we feel it would be unfair to Wesley to have to take a back seat when he really deserves to be front and center! We have 3 resident dogs and they all adore Wesley. He gets along with all dogs, male and female, big and small. He is happiest carrying a baby in his mouth and following us wherever we go. He snuggles up on the puppy bed now and appreciates how cushiony it is. He is an absolute love.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverWesley is a morning pup and loves to wake up the kids. He almost always brings a baby but if he forgets, he stops in the laundry room for a pair of socks or a giant sweatshirt or really anything he can grab and carry. He doesn’t shred anything, he just likes to carry his treasures!Black Labrador RetrieverWhen he’s not helping with chores in the house, he likes to help with things outside. He’s an excellent gardening buddy, hanging out for love and pets.Black Labrador RetrieverWe’ve been enjoying these beautiful fall days and have been walking at the park. Wesley loves every part- the car ride, the walk and meeting friends. He is the perfect companion, ready for anything. He is now up to date on his vaccines, will be neutered next week and then will be ready to find his forever home. Until then, he’ll be hanging out looking devilishly handsome.Black Labrador Retriever

September 29, 2023

Last week we met Nelson and Autumn and picked up Wesley. It was love at first sight as this big handsome boy is a dream. After spending a week getting to know and love all over him, we saw how seamlessly he fits into our family. He loves everyone- adults, kids, big and little dogs and is not fazed at all but our busy lifestyle. He’s learned the routine, has taken to Ruby who usually takes her time to warm up to new pups and cuddles his big body up to our 3 legged beagle. He loves the kids and wakes them for school, makes breakfast, lunches and dinners, runs carpool and keeps me company under my desk while working. We can’t imagine life without him so I’m happy to say that we have decided to make Wesley a permanent member of our family. He will be forever loved and adored after his long days on the farm.Black Labrador RetrieverThank you to everyone who followed his story. We wish all the pups in foster care the best in getting matched with all the forever families looking to adopt them.

Have a wonderful weekend.

September 25, 2023

We had a busy weekend relaxing and getting some much needed organizing done since we finally had some down time because of the rain. We took the opportunity to teach Wesley all the things farm pups usually don’t know. First up? Steps. He has become a champ at going up and down the steps. Some of the wood floors made him nervous at first because they’re shiny but he got the hang of them and now proudly marches up and down bringing me lots of clean laundry from the baskets. In true retriever form, he always has something in his mouth! The good news is that he happily gives you his treasures, he is very proud to show them to you.

Another thing Wesley learned about? Babies! He loves carrying his babies everywhere! He takes them outside to potty but always brings them back in. He drops his babies right beside his bowl while he eats and then picks them right back up when he’s done. He loves them!

Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

Another first? Wesley had his first Frosty Paw!  He wasn’t sure what to do with it initially but after holding it for him while he tried a couple of licks, he took it and settled in with the rest of the pups to enjoy it. He spread out like a frog and licked every last bit!

Black Labrador RetrieverWhen the weather finally broke, we went to the park to practice some leash walking. It went ok but we have some work to do. The good news is that he wants to please and with the help of the harness, he seemed to catch on.

Black Labrador Retriever
Black Labrador RetrieverThis handsome fellow is a love bug who is learning the busy routine of our home. He just wants to be wherever we are. He enjoys walks and lots of sniffing and takes cues from the resident dogs. Wesley knows the routine now, goes to his spot for breakfast and dinner and follows the pups out to play in the yard. He caught on quickly!Black Labrador RetrieverHe loves his babies, the other pups and just wants to be where everyone is. He doesn’t seem to be nervous about anything and falls asleep however and wherever he flops down.

We’ll check back in with another update soon!

September 20, 2023

Hi Everyone!

We’re here with Wesley after a busy day getting rescued off the farm yesterday! First a huge shoutout to Autumn and Nelson who not only picked up Wesley and Pansy but also gave Wesley a good ol bath, a dose of flea medication and made a stop at the vet for updated vaccines, a dewormer, microchip and good clean bill of health! Whew! So when I met Autumn, Nelson and Wesley at the vet, Wesley had already had a full day before we were set to go home and get settled in. Here he is after Autumn and Nelson bathed him. He is such a happy, handsome guy!Black Labrador RetrieverOn the way home, we had to stop at school to pick up the kids. Well it was love at first sight and a few tears as the kids immediately said that Wesley looks like a young Max, our old, much loved and missed black lab that we adopted from Brookline several years ago who has since passed. Then it was home to meet the pack. Wesley was immediately interested in exploring the yard but mostly he wanted to explore with a baby in his mouth. He is a true lab who loves to carry things. He successfully met the pack, ate dinner and slept like a baby. He isn’t sure about puppy beds yet but we’re sure he’ll get the hang of lounging on a big bed soon enough. He is happy right now resting as close as he can to people and making sure he has a baby to carry.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverWe’ll check back in soon as we learn more about this sweet boy!

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