Willow Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female

February 10, 2019

Willow is now available for adoption.  While she is a work in progress she has come so far in just two weeks, and her foster family knows she’s ready for hte next step with the right family.  If you’ve already been approved to adopt through BLRR, talk to your home visit volunteer about her.  If you’ve haven’t yet been approved, check our the application process here:

Our Adoption Process

February 4, 2019

Hi everyone, it’s me checking in again!

chocolate Labrador Retriever laying downI know, I look ridiculous right now with this thing around my head but trust me, it’s waaaaay better than the white thing that I woke up with around my head last week…..I couldn’t see out of it and it scared me so FM and FD went and bought this for me. It looks weird but I am pretty comfortable in it. But, I have this area on my tummy that’s healing and that showed up at the same time last week – this thing doesn’t allow me to lick the healing area, which FM and FD assure me is a good thing…..I don’t know about all of that but I trust them now!
In fact, I trust them so much that I listen to them nearly all of the time and when i do that, they tell me that i am a good girl…..I sure love hearing that and making then happy! I go in the crate for them easily now, I go potty outside only now (no more accidents in the house for several days), I happily come in from outside when asked, and I am not trying to take the food off of the countertop nearly as often! I really love my foster siblings and I especially love FM and FD. I have met a few other people and they seemed pretty cool, too! As soon as I am feeling a little better and the area is more healed, they tell me that I will get to meet some smaller people……I bet I will like them, too but I will let you know for sure! Well, back to taking a nap in my favorite spot on this warm, soft thing that we all hang out on together as a family!chocolate Labrador Retriever laying down
Willow ❤

January 29, 2019

Willow here again!

chocolate Labrador Retriever laying downToday has been a quiet day. FD and FM both had to leave for the day so we were home alone for the day. Even though I didn’t want to go in at first, FM was finally able to convince me to go into my crate. She kept giving me pieces of my favorite treats, and hot dogs, and they were so, so yummy! Soooooooo, sigh, I went in!! I was relaxed once I went in – I just have to learn to trust that they’re not going to leave me in there forever! AND, they didn’t! FM came back home and she left me outside, gave me more treats, and fed me a delicious dinner! Oh, she gave me more fresh water, too! She was really proud of me today because each time I went outside and she called for me to come in, I came right in! Yep, I really just want to keep these people happy because this new life of mine – well, it feels pretty good!!
Nose smears,

chocolate Labrador Retriever laying down

January 28, 2019

3 year old chocolate lab WillowWillow again!

I have been really happy to give GM and FD kisses today and FM says I smile a lot!
I decided to ring the bell on the door with my nose once today and when I did that, FD came and left me outside! I only had one accident in the house today and they seem really excited about that, too!
I have not been very excited to go in my crate….being in there reminds me of my former life. But it seems like these people aren’t going to leave me in there all of the time so it might be an ok place to be. We’ll see about all of that……..
Oh, I met someone tonight! FM’s brother visited and I was SO excited! I gave him kisses and lots of tail wags!

January 27, 2019

Hi everyone!

3 year old chocolate lab WillowI slept really well last night in this warm place. I had a nice breakfast and I have been enjoying having fresh, clean water available – you see, where I was before, the water froze a lot. I also really enjoyed my dinner tonight, too….I love food and treats!
I have been playing a lot with my foster brothers and sister! Today, they shared their antlers and ball with me…SO. MUCH. FUN! I am really grateful for their generosity and I let them play with their toys when they want them, too!
I played so much that I got tired. Today, I decided that I trust my foster siblings and FM so I lied on the couch with them and snuggled while I napped. Boy, it feels nice to be in a warm home and around everyone!
FM did have a tough time with cooking meals today though and she says that it’s kind of my fault. I like to jump up to the countertop a lot…..there’s all kind of yummy smelling stuff up there when FM cooks. Even after she cooks, I like to hop up every now and then to see if she left anything behind…..she tells me NO WILLOW every time and I am starting to think that I should start listening….after all, I really like my foster family! I even give FD and FM kisses sometimes!
I am starting to realize that the only thing that I am supposed to go outside for now is to go potty and play. I don’t quite know how to tell FD and FM that I need to go, but they take me out often so I can go!
Well, I am sleepy. Goodnight until next time!
3 year old chocolate lab Willow 3 year old chocolate lab Willow

January 26, 2018

four dogs sitting waiting for treatHi everyone! I went for some car rides today and I met some people who let me give them lots of kisses! Then, I went to this place with a lot of grass to run in and there were these things that only let me run around in a certain area…I kept hanging out around those things because I was trying to get on the other side of them. After all, I am used to being tied up or being let loose to run around wherever I want to.

Then, I met some other dogs – 3 of them! I met them each on their own and then all of them ran around in that grass with me! foster mom and foster dad kept saying that I was such a good girl because I was really nice to my new dog friends!
You will never guess what happened next – they took me into this big place and it was really warm and cozy there! I was allowed to run around in there! It’s a different place than what I am used to and I am not sure how to respond to it yet but FD and FM keep telling me that I will get used to it! I still need to learn that I have to go back out to the grass to go potty….they seem to not want me to do that in the house!
3 year old chocolate lab WillowI was really excited and FD and FM put me in this metal thing and left me for a while. I didn’t want to go in at first but they offered me a treat so hey, I went! Boy, I am glad that I did! I slept in in a warm, quiet and safe place and boy did i need that! Then they came and left me out and I have been playing with my new friends! Speaking of playing, gotta go so I can play some more!
Tail wags,

January 23, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever sittingWillow is in boarding at an awesome kennel while we wait for her foster family.  It was important to get her inside before the snow and frigid temps hitting the area, so we’re all thankful it worked out.  Willow’s owner surrendered her to Brookline and we couldn’t be happier about that.  She has spent most of her life living in an outdoor pen (even in the winter) but those days are over.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever faceWillow had a much needed bath (OK actually three of them) and a pedicure, and she’s looking good.  They also working with her on house training. crate training and having her around a variety of dogs to play.

Willow also went to the vet and aside from some minor issues, got a clean bill to health.  She’ll get spayed once she gets into her foster home.

January 16, 2019

Willow on her rescue ride.  Stay tuned for updates.


3 Yr Old Chocolate Labrador Retriever 3 Yr Old Chocolate Labrador Retriever


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