Winnie #4 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 6 Months Old ID#3123

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Winnie!   This pretty chocolate puppy just arrived from a farm. The farmer was having a hard time finding someone to purchase her, and he was looking to move her off the farm so he contacted Brookline to help find Winnie a new home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

November 9, 2021

Winnie has been with us a little over a week. Her bright personality is shining through as she gets use to living with her foster family. Not only is she beautiful, she’s very smart almost too smart for own good. She’s learned to jump the gates in the house, which lead to her not being afraid of the stairs anymore in order to get to us.chocolate labrador retrieverWinnie loves being outside with our resident dog Lily. They guard the yard from those rascally squirrels. Lily was able to teach Winnie how to play tug together. She didn’t get the concept in the beginning but now she’s a pro.chocolate labrador retrieverShe’s been good on walks but pretty vocal when another dog comes by. It’s a work in progress. Winnie definitely knows when dinner is being cooked, she’s quite the counter surfer. You can’t turn your back on her or dinner is gone. She’s had a couple time-outs in her crate.

Nights are getting better, she makes it through the night until around 5am and then she starts barking to go. Once she goes and does her business she’ll settle down and go back to sleep.

Winnie went to see the vet last week for her exam, shots and microchip. The vet was happy with her so she can now go out in public.chocolate labrador retrieverOver the weekend the kids helped their grandmother with fall cleanup around the yard, which always leads to a fun bonfire. Winnie had so much fun running around. She wasn’t even bother by the tracker or quad buzzing around, which was great. She loved playing in the leaves and then took a snooze in the sun with my daughter.chocolate labrador retrieverThis week we’re concentrating on walks, minding our manners when dogs go by and not having to smell something every 2 feet.

November 1, 2021

Winnie is really taking to our family life.  She absolutely loved Halloween with all the hustle and bustle of the kids having friends over getting ready to Trick or Treat.  Winnie even dressed up herself and loved it.   She’s such a cute dog and really loves my kids.  She likes hanging out with my daughter in her room.  Winnie is definitely a people dog even now as I write this, she’s lying next to me in my office.

Nights haven’t been going that great. We get to about 3am and then she starts barking. We take her out to the bathroom and put her back in the crate, but she wants to be with us and doesn’t stop barking until we do something about it.  We tried  letting her work it out and go back to sleep, but she keeps barking to the point she’s keeping my kids up who have to get up early for school   We’ll continue to work with her.

Eating is going well. She’s a polite eater and doesn’t try to eat my resident dog’s food. She knows which bowl is hers. She also shares her toys nicely, but has to have every single toy out of the basket all times. She has a big personality.

So far we haven’t had any accidents in the house, but we do take her out quite often and praise her when she goes.

We see the Pet Clinic tomorrow to get her rabies and shots, which I can’t wait so I can start to socialize her around the neighborhood and go for walks.

In all, we’re excited to see how the rest of the week goes with this pup as she gets acclimated to our life.

October 31, 2021

Winnie‘s first 24hrs with her new foster family has been nothing but eventful. This sweet girl was terrific on her ride home.  Winnie has acclimated wonderfully into her new foster home.chocolate labrador retrieverShe’s your typical 22-week-old puppy full of energy and stealing everything that’s not hers. Winnie loves running around the yard with our resident dog. They both are getting along really well.  Winnie is so smart she’ll chase the ball when thrown, still learning that retrieving thing but it’s a work in progress.chocolate labrador retrieverShe loves playing with our kids and watching them jump on the trampoline. She’s very funny when she’s never seen something before, she doesn’t run away. She stops and just takes it all in.chocolate labrador retrieverWhen she first saw the TV, it took her off guard for a moment. Next thing you know she’s settling down in her bed and watching TV with me.chocolate labrador retrieverAlso, surprising how much of a polite eater Winnie is. Not your typical lab who inhales their food. She’s such the lady.chocolate labrador retrieverHowever, bathing is definitely not her thing.  We got the job done, but I’m not sure who was wetter me or her at the end.  Last night went well. She’s fine with her crate, some barking but settled down. I think she was just really exhausted from her adventurous day.chocolate labrador retrieverOverall, this dog is adorable, smart, pretty and by size of her paws going to be a big girl.   This week we’ll see the vet to get her up to date on all her vaccinations and then we’ll begin to start going on walks.

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