Winnie Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Months Old

June 18, 2019

Yellow Labrador Winnie at Pets in the ParkAt Winnie’s consultation a few weeks ago, her surgeon presented us with the possible outcomes for Winnie. One of the possibilities being that he would not be able to surgically correct her incontinence. On June 17th, through an initial scope procedure, the doctor found that Winnie would not make her a good candidate for any further surgery.  He based this decision on what he was seeing internally and his years of experience treating incontinence in dogs.Winnie yellow Lab puppy checking out the bathtub

The good news is that Winnie didn’t have to have an invasive surgery.  The not-so-good news is that she will have chronic incontinence.  Winnie currently has a UTI (and will likely be prone to them in the future), and is being treated with an antibiotic.  Other than that, she is a beautiful, healthy, happy pup!

While we did not get the answer we were all hoping for, Winnie bounced right back after her procedure and was released from the hospital that same day. We brought her back home to re-join her foster family, and she is still our sweet, playful Winnie who greets everyone with the cutest wiggly dance!  And those beautiful eyes ….. !

Yellow lab puppy Winnie hanging with resident Lab KodaWinnie (or Winifred as my sons like to call her) loves everyone she meets.  And she really loves our two resident labs who waiver between loving her back and brushing her off as their pesky little sister.  At 6 months old, Winnie has a lot of puppy energy for her 8 and 9-year-old “big brothers,” but she is very good about respecting their space when they tell her “enough” (in doggy language of course).Winne and Radar, labrador retrievers, on guard duty

We get in as many walks,  playtime in the yard, and play dates with younger dogs as we can to help drain some of that wonderful energy.  She also loves running back and forth along our fence with the dogs next door.  And when she’s finally tuckered out, we’ll find her peacefully sleeping in her crate or on one of the dog beds (often is some type of silly position).

Yellow Lab puppy, Winnie, snoozing in her sun spotWinnie walks really well on a front clip harness, and she comes and sits beautifully for a treat.  She love toys – both the squeaky kind and the kind she can chew up!  She has been caught doing a little counter surfing and wastebasket picking (she seems to really like paper towels!)Winnie yellow Labrador puppy snoozing belly up

Winnie is  joy to have in our home. We adore her and will care for her until we find that awesome (and lucky) family who will love her too – leakiness and all!!  Stay tuned … Beautiful Winnie will be available for adoption soon.

June 14, 2019

Beautiful Yellow Lab Puppy posing for the cameraFoster Winnie visited Pepper and Colin (both Brookline alums) for a play date today.  The two girls had a blast running around and chasing each other in the backyard. Colin supervised as he’s prone to do.Yellow Labrador Winnie visiting Colin and Pepper

Pepper’s & Colin’s mom has already apologized to Terry, Winnie’s foster mom, for the muddy fur she’ll be bringing home with her.  She has an amazing run, dive, roll move she’s perfected with Pepper.  After the rain yesterday, there’s plenty of mud in the yard!

Yellow puppy Winnie enjoying a Spring dayWinnie is scheduled to have her ectopic ureter repair surgery on Monday.  Today’s play date gave her a chance to run and play and enjoy being a silly puppy before she begins a few weeks of restricted activity post-surgery. Although the surgery is estimated to be between $5,600 and $7,200, Brookline didn’t hesitate to do what’s best for this little girl. Please keep Winnie in your thoughts, with fingers and paws crossed, for a successful surgery and recovery for this sweet girl.Yellow Lab Puppy Winnie with her chew toy

May 25, 2019

Winnie, the yellow Labrador puppy, chilling on her bedWinnie, who is now almost 6 months old, was recently moved to her new foster home.  She has settled in with us beautifully. Although she has only been with us a little over a week, she has made herself quite comfortable in our home, and has also found a place in all of our hearts.  She can be a little timid at first in new situations or when meeting new people, but she is so friendly and warms up quickly.Yellow Lab Winnie stretched out on her dog bed

Yellow Lab, Koda, giving a kiss to puppy WinnieShe adores our 8-year-old resident Lab, Koda, and loves going on walks with him. She has even gotten him to play and run zoomies with her in the yard. She loves our 9-year-old Lab and Brookline alum Radar too. She’s very good about adapting her interactions to fit both dogs’ personalities.Yellow Labrador Winnie with 2 brothers

Winnie loves rubbery toys and especially loves to play repetitive tunes with the squeaky parts of the soft toys.  She is doing a bit of counter surfing and trash picking (she loves empty t.p. rolls), but responds to a verbal correction.  She is learning, she is a puppy after all!  She is a gem in her crate and sleeps in there peacefully through the night (except for some active puppy dreams).

Winnie is housebroken, but for now, with Winnie’s incontinence, her life still includes pee pads and a variety of diapers (“everyday” ones and “dressy” ones that we like to call “bloomers” or “fancy pants”). But she doesn’t care that she leaks; she just continues to lead her happy puppy life.Yellow Labradors, Koda and Winnie, on duty

We recently brought Winnie in for a consultation with one of the region’s leading soft tissue surgeons. He felt that Winnie’s best chance of being leak-free (or as close to leak-free as possible) would require surgery.  This is an expensive surgery, but Brookline didn’t hesitate to do what’s best for this little girl.  Winnie’s surgery is scheduled for Monday June 17th.   Please keep Winnie in your thoughts, with fingers and paws crossed, for a successful surgery and recovery for this sweet girl.

You can meet Winnie at the Lagers for Labs Brookline Event on June 1st.   It is events like these that help us raise money to cover medical expenses for our wonderful rescue dogs like Winnie. Please join us for a fun evening to help support a great cause.  You can get more information and buy tickets for the event by clicking on this link:

March 20, 2019

yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sittingWinnie is now 23 pounds. We are anxiously awaiting a call from the doctor at NSV to determine if she can have surgery at 25 pounds.

Meanwhile, Winnie is having a blast over here with Monson, Clyde and Moose. She likes chasing balls, eating sticks, rolling around on her back and yelling at I don’t know what, and she loves baths. We can’t leave the basement door open or she will take herself down to the utility sink and stand there barking (demanding) for a bath. Her leaking is much worse now so I never tell her no. She is 100% Labrador. I think she would be very happy to live in water!!

Winnie also loves food time, snacks and treats. She knows sit and we are working on sitting up and gently taking a treat. She can hear the sound of the “dog closet” from anywhere in the house and she will come sprinting. If it’s much past noon, she will bring me her bowl as a reminder that I’ve forgotten to give her lunch. – ALL LABRADOR!!! Feed me, play time, a warm bath and then a good nap.

She’s such an easy dog but the leaking is a full time cleaning job! I’m hopeful that we can get her on her way to a healthier solution very soon. She is the sweetest girl with a whole lot of fun personality.

February 21, 2019

Winnie has been with us for almost two weeks. I don’t want to admit it but she is growing every day and getting bigger. She is just the cutest little thing, we all want her to stay this size forever!yellow Labrador Retriever puppy

Winnie’s leaking wasn’t too bad when she came to us but now it is getting worse. So now I need to pull out the sewing machine and make some waterproof pads to go in her little diapers. Girl diapers are a whole different ball game from a belly band! And the reusable ones aren’t waterproof so I’m going to make circular pads with a little hole in the center for her tail.yellow and chocolate labrador retriever sleeping

Aside from her leaking issue, she is the easiest puppy. She’s so happy go lucky! She’s potty and crate trained. She loves to play with her fur brothers. She LOVES breakfast, lunch and dinner. And she knows when each meal is supposed to happen. She will tell me it’s time to eat by going to the kitchen and sitting next to her bowl. When I pick up her bowl, that’s when she gets excited and barks, hurry up, hurry up!!

Winnie loves to chase Monson (18 months). Ironically, she plays with him the same way he played with Moose and Clyde, so we call her “Payback”. They sure can run! He is just trying to get away from her LOL Winnie loves balls, antlers and stuffed animals. She is happy to play with the boys or by herself. She is good for about an hour of awake time and then she’s ready for a nap. She signals this by trying to hop on the couch, she still needs help getting up there. She needs a cozy blanket to snuggle in and she is out like a light. Depending on what I’m doing, she naps on the sofa or in her crate. If I’m busy, I’ll just scoop her up and put her in her crate. She will snuggle right in. In her crate, she has a bed, a bath mat over the bed, an extra towel (many layers!) and finally, a thick cozy blanket.

I do a lot of laundry! Up to this point she has been mostly diaper-free.

Everyone here is in love with sweet Winnie. She just goes with the flow around here and seems to be very happy. We love having her yellow and chocolate labrador retriever sleeping

February 7, 2019

Welcome to Brookline Winnie! She is an adorable, sweet 9-week-old yellow lab puppy who was sprung from the shelter today.

She was surrendered to the shelter because this poor girl is leaking urine and her previous owners could not afford the corrective surgery she will most likely require.

Look for future updates from Winnie as she settles into her foster home!

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