Wrangler Black Labrador Retriever Male 4 Years Old

July 12, 2019

I love to play with my bowl and chase it around the yard.

July 8, 2019

Today I went to the vet for my weigh in (78lbs) and my next three days of worm meds. Of course I got to go to FM favorite dog friendly hardware store. Every one of her foster dogs gets to visit the dog loving staff and get treats. Here I am in the farm and feed section waiting for FM to get something for her horse. (who I have not met but have smelled on her often)black Labrador Retriever sitting

July 5, 2019

My fourth of July was a good time. I went to a pool party and got to play with my buddy Samson again. He really gets my zoomies going. I picked a few tennis balls out of the water but no swimming for me. FM did hose me off to keep me cool. My foster brother Doc likes to run from window to window barking at the fireworks. I figured the best place for me was in my crate so I didn’t get run over. I have been waking up really early to go out. FM keeps saying she is glad I get her know I have to go out but wishes I would sleep later.

July 2, 2019

Today I joined my foster brother “Q” in the request for dinner. He likes to bark at FM. Since she was trying to ignore him I thought I would bring my food bowl to her. You know just to be sure she was getting what we were putting down. Literally I dropped the bowl at her feet

June 30, 2019

I went to a pool party today. I got to play with my friend Samson again. FM tried to get me in the pool but I was not that interested in going in. I did pick the tennis ball out of the water from the edge. Mostly I laid in the shade under the table, after all it was hot and I am black. I was sure to spread my snuggles around to everyone. What dog doesn’t love to get kisses from all the ladies.

June 29, 2019

Today I went to Petco in West Chester for an event to recruit for foster homes. I got lots of petting and even saw cats, birds, and fish very interesting. I think I did great meeting other dogs and people. I did take my buddy Doc with me so I could see how he worked to crowd for treats. black Labrador Retriever laying on the floor

June 24, 2019

FM was away so her mom (aka grandma) watched me while she was gone. I had some ups and downs the first night I some how got the coat rack off the wall and I peed. After that grandma let me sleep in her room which worked out great. When she left the house I stayed in the laundry room no problem. We had a great time together. My favorite thing was getting the full body rub down when I came in out of the rain. Grandma even taught me to sit and wait for my food. I did get an upset tummy and we don’t know why. I am starting to feel better. I am settled back in at FM house like I never left.

June 10, 2019

I got to go to a Birthday party on Sunday. I got to hang out with three other dogs and a bunch of people. I had a lot of firsts. I retrieved a tennis ball on land and in the pool. I can swim but only tried it once. I like to get up close and personal with lunch when you are not looking. I didn’t get anything but a guy has to try when it is right there. I was happy to leave FM’s side and play with the boys and greet all the people.black Labrador Retriever under table I even got to ride in the big truck. You know dogs love trucks.

June 9, 2019

FM had a vacation planned before I needed to stay longer in foster care. I was luck to be able to stay with one of the other Brookline volunteers. It was stressful for me to change homes for a week. I had my ups and downs. I was nervous going to the Lagers for Labs. It was noisy and the balloons were really scary. If an object is moved over head quickly it startles me and I run to another area of the house. On the flip side I got to go to the park for walks four times a day. I loved every dog and person I met. I am back home with FM and my foster dog brothers. I am back to my normal self. FM wants to keep me a little longer and expose this farm raised dog to more before making me available for adoption.

May 29, 2019

I am really getting into the routine here so much so I run into my crate for breakfast and dinner. I don’t know what I was thinking not wanting to eat the first day. Now I am the first one done. I am going for a sleep over next week but I am taking my crate with me. I am also going to be at a Brookline fund raiser Lagers for Labs. check out the link and come and see me. https://brooklinelabrescue.org/2019-lagers-for-labs/

May 25, 2019

Saturday was new for me FM left really early and FD had to take care of me all day. I was a good boy just hung with the guys and didn’t even hear FM come home. I think I like this nap all afternoon thing.black Labrador Retriever

May 21, 2019

Night three in my own room didn’t go so well since I peed. I am now in a different crate with wider spaces so I don’t rub my nose. I have even taken to napping in there. I am out of the cone of shame which is great, all the duct tape was blocking my vision. I also played with a toy today.Black Labrador Retriever in crate

May 18, 2019

A big jump ahead for me. I spent last night in my own room. FM came down and was so happy that I didn’t pee or poop she petted me like I was the only dog in the world. I was so happy to see her I bounced around in circle. I am now eating what my fur brothers do and I really like it. I also got to go on a fun adventure today. First we went to the hardware store for FM to buy more duct tape since I keep cracking my cone.

After that FM dropped me off with another Brookline volunteer for the afternoon. They took me to the park for a walk and when we got back I supervised the gardening. When FM came back we were all resting on the porch.

May 17, 2019

Who ever says you need a big house for a lab is wrong. You just need space under your desk.

May 15, 2019

Day two in the cone of shame. Will the cone make it through.

May 14, 2019

Wrangler had his neutering today. He went into the building like a champ and up the stairs. But we went in the wrong door so down the stairs we went. In to another door to register and during that time he showed why he needed to be neutered by marking the exercise mats. He did well with his procedure and is now home in the cone of shame and sleepy.

May 13, 2019

Last night was the best nights sleep so far. He also did well with the cleaning service today. Backed away from the vac but went up the ladies for petting. Wrangler is a good gardening buddy. He just follows you around while you do all the work. He is also running up and down the stairs even after getting the BATH. I can’t get him to come to the basement. His stair days are going to be limited since he is going to get neutered Tuesday. He has not shown any interest in playing with my dogs or toys. He just follows me everywhere and lays down when I stop moving.black Labrador Retriever laying down

May 12, 2019

Wrangler is not a fan of rain which is not helping our housebreaking cause. I tried to get him to spend sometime with my husband while I worked in the basement. He was not happy not being with me. This after I gave him a bath today. I thought for sure he would want sometime without me. He was good for the bath but I think he would be fine without another one anytime soon. He is shinny, soft and smells better. But now the shower needs to be cleaned too.

May 11, 2019

Wrangler was a good boy and stayed in the backyard while we packed all the items from the online Auction. He even walked on the pool cover and got his leash all wet. Than we went to get a microchip which he was great for. We went to meet his new foster family a a great park. But their dog did not like Wrangler. So back to home we went. I did like the park and walked like a pro right at FM side.

When I went up stairs to through a load of laundry in he couldn’t take not seeing me and came up on his own to find me. Lots of hugs for that. He followed me down the stairs like a champ.

May 10, 2019

Wrangler made it through the night without any accidents in his crate. He barked for a while and of course my dogs contributed to the song at times. He is now going in and out of the house no problem. He is not house broken so he has marked twice. He is now on a leash and attached to me at all times when he is not outside or in his crate. He likes to follow me and lay on the floor next to me so he really does not mind being tethered. Living on a farm in Lancaster County he is not use to may things. He does love affection and beef sticks (human grade and smelly) and we can’t forget the power of cheese. He got a good brushing, at first he wasn’t sure of the brush but once he figured out how great it felt he laid down and enjoyed the pampering.

May 9, 2019

black labrador Retriever standingWrangler has started his journey to find a new family to give him all the love and attention he wants. He is currently not neutered but that will change soon. He is 80 lbs. He has lived his whole life outside so today was a lot of firsts for Wrangler. He rode in the car to the vet and did great until it was time to walk in the door. Once he was in he was nervous but allowed the vet to give him a complete exam. He is not house broken at this time so we will be working on that. So far he has been really easy to walk on a flat collar. The introduction to my two male dogs went well some running around. Wrangler has no desire to be top dog so that works out great for my dogs.

He eat dinner and settled in for a nap.

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