Yara Black Labrador Retriever Female 6 Months Old

Black Lab mix Yara cuddling in her human's lapApril 13, 2019 Yara was found tied to a pole in Philadelphia and taken to ACCT Philly.  She was never claimed, so our volunteer pulled her on March 30th and she has been in foster care since then. Yara is adorable — a little on the shy side and a chow hound. She is estimated to be between 4-6 months old but I would guess on the younger side since she still has a few baby teeth in her mouth. She is so incredibly snuggly and just wants to play and eat and sleep. I find myself picking her up and putting her in my lap even though she was 49 pounds 2 weeks ago. Yara is a Lab mix, but it’s unknown what she might be mixed with. She is pure black and has all the Lab characteristics and floppy ears. She is doing much better sleeping through the night and not soiling her area, but she still needs some monitoring to avoid accidents in the house. After all, she is still a puppy! She is great on the leash and loves to take walks. She has been great with our 2 kids, but is very apprehensive when meeting a new human. She will duck down and tuck her tail, bark, and try to hide behind us.  This can be overcome in a very short time with reassuring pets and treats.Black Lab mix Yara, adoptable black puppy Yara would do well with a fenced yard, but it is not a requirement. Another confident dog in the home would also be a plus for her. Yara is very athletic and requires a lot of daily exercise to settle, but if she is adequately exercised, she can settle easily. Yara is a professional counter surfer, so her family will need to keep all food and hazardous items out of her reach until she has been trained. Black Lab mix yara - adoptableHer drawbacks are a small hernia that should be able to be fixed when she gets spayed and her voracious appetite.  I have been putting only a small amount of food in her food bowl and the rest is fed in 2 kongs so she has to work for her food. Her adopters will have to be properly advised on the prevention and symptoms of bloat and how best to feed her to prevent bloat. We absolutely love Yara and will be very sad to see her leave. 4 Month Old black lab YaraApril 3, 2019   Yara is doing really well. She is very good on the leash and has been keeping her area clean the last two days. She is quite a chow hound so I have to divide her food into many portions along with stuffed Kong’s. We are finding puppy teeth all over. Other than her umbilical hernia that can be repaired when she is spayed she should be available any day now. Yara is on the left in the picture with the pink leash.two black Labrador Retrievers Walking April 1, 2019 Yara is doing well.  She is incredibly sweet and playful.  Lots of puppy teeth want to chew everything within reach. As I was filling out some paperwork she kept trying to take my pen from me. She has had quite a few accidents in the house even after being outside. She is up to date on all of her shots, but does have a small abdominal hernia that will need to be repaired when she is spayed. She is a very big dopey puppy who wants to be under your feet constantly.

I would imagine she will get pretty large since her paws are huge and they estimate her to be between 4-6 months and already 49 lbs. She is eating like a champ and toileting regularly. She is acknowledging us when we call to her and she’s very food motivated so I would imagine she will be easily trained. I think she’ll do great in really any family setting. She is not a crazy puppy that nips so small kids wouldn’t be out of the question. Her age would make me recommend an active family. I don’t think she’ll hit the couch potato years for quite a while. March 31, 2019black Labrador Retriever laying down Yara is settling in nicely in our home. She’s definitely a big puppy. ACCT listed her at 49 lbs. and 4-6 months old. She still appears to have puppy teeth. She has a small hernia that will be repaired when she gets her spay. She loves our kids and dog, Milo and just wants to play. She slept all through the night but did pee in her gated area.

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