Yogi ( FKA) Yogo Black Labrador Retriever Mix 5 Years Old ID #3027

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January 23, 2023

Hi Everybody!

Yogi here!

Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Things are going swell at my foster home.  I’ve been practicing being a good boy and FM says I’m doing an awesome job.  Yesterday one of our rescue friends came over and she asked FM “who is this dog??”.  She was kidding.  She knows who I am.  She just couldn’t believe it was ME because I sat nicely in front of her for a treat and didn’t jump on her and act crazy like I used to.  😊

My FMs got new furniture in the living room so they moved some of the old furniture into the dining room – which is also where my room is!  I really like having my own chair by the window.  I love to look out the window.  FM said I shouldn’t get used to it because that chair isn’t staying there.  Hey – maybe they’ll let me take my chair to my forever home!  That would be cool.  FM also said I might lose window privileges because I like to bark at people and dogs walking by.  We’ve been working on that, but FM says I’m still a “work in progress”, whatever that means.Black Labrador Retriever Mix

I’ve been working on some other stuff, too.  I’m learning DOWN.  It looks like this:Black Labrador Retriever Mix

I know – that doesn’t look like much.  But you gotta see it in ACTION!  Check this out:

Pretty impressive, huh?!

FM says it’s time to start looking for my FOREVER HOME!  FM just has to find the time to write-up some information about me so my forever family can find me.  I can’t wait to meet my forever family.  I just know they will be super cool.  Until then, I’ll be chillin’ at my foster home.

Black Labrador Retriever Mix
Me and Gator, or as FM calls him “What’s Left of Gator”.

Love, Yogi

January 2, 2023

Hi Everybody!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you all had a good holiday.  I sure did!  It’s been a busy month with lots of activity and visitors.  I loved it.

When I got back from sleep-away camp, FM told me it was time to take the Christmas card picture.  Me, Floyd, and Rubble got dressed up in holiday sweaters and posed for a picture.  Then another one…and another one… and, well, a lot of pictures until both FM’s were happy.  I didn’t mind, though.  We got lots of treats during the photo shoot.  And I think the picture turned out great, don’t you?!three Labrador retrievers

A few weeks before Christmas, some of FMs’ family came for the weekend.  There were big humans and little humans – like, really little! The littlest one was only 9 weeks old!  My FMs watched me super close around the little ones to make sure I behaved.  They said I was really good and they were proud of me.  I did get a little too excited when the 4-year-old ran and yelled.  But FM stopped me so nobody got knocked over or hurt.  FM says I probably shouldn’t live with little ones because it’s still hard for me to stay calm when the kids get excited.  But as long as there are adults around to supervise, I can have fun being around little ones.

I’m a pro at the “wait” command.  One of our visitors was so impressed when she opened my crate and told me to wait – and I did.  She knew I did it for my FMs but wasn’t sure I’d do it for her.  I did!  😊 On the other hand, if someone doesn’t tell me to wait, I might take advantage of the situation.  😉 FM’s niece was going out the front door and didn’t know she should tell me to wait.  So, I ran out the door, too!  I had a blast exploring the neighborhood again.  My FM’s told me they weren’t too happy about it.  But they sure looked happy (and relieved) when they finally caught up with me.  FM said this is another reason I shouldn’t live with little kids.  They might make it too easy for me to sneak outside.  I like the sounds of that, but FM says it’s not safe for me to run around like that.  Darn.  I love to be outside.  I love to look outside, too.  Here’s me, Floyd, and Rubble watching when FM gets home from work.  You can’t see it in the picture, but our tails were wagging like crazy! three Labrador retrievers

My FMs put up lots of decorations when I was at sleep-away camp.  They were afraid I’d get into trouble with them when I came home.  But I didn’t mess with anything!  I didn’t even mess with the TREE they brought INSIDE the house!

Black Labrador Retriever mix

I was a good boy!  Santa knew it, too, and he brought me presents!  Here I am opening my alligator!

Now that the holiday rush is over, FM said it’s time to get back to work.  I still need to work on things like paying attention to FM when we go out for walks and not getting too cra-cra when I see other dogs.  We did some training outside yesterday.  I was SO excited to be going for a walk that I wasn’t paying much attention to FM at first.  Oops.  It took about 10 minutes for me to settle down and remember that I’m supposed to “check in” with FM when she says my name.Black Labrador Retriever mix

I don’t know how I forgot!  I get a treat when I check-in!  I’ll have to try to remember that next time.

After I was listening better to FM, other FM brought Buster out.  He’s the kid that lives next door.  I’ve met him through the fence, but never “in person”.  I’ve only seen what I could see through the slats in the fence.  I was excited to see Buster, but I did a good job keeping my cool.  My FMs were very proud of me.  Check it out.

A little later, a neighbor walked by with his two big dogs.  I’ve only ever seen these girls through the window.  I was very excited to see them.  I didn’t exactly keep my cool, but I didn’t go totally crazy, either!  FM brought me into the driveway and then behind a car.  I was pulling to go see the girls, but no crazy barking or lunging.  FM says I still have work to do, but I’m making great progress!

FM says that soon it will be time for me to look for my forever home!  Maybe that’s with you!  What do you think?

Love, Yogi

December 4, 2022

Hi Everybody!


I came home from sleep-away camp today.  I went to a place called Bedminster Canine Kamp.  It’s a cool place where Brookline foster dogs can go to have some fun and work on things that might need a little … umm… work.  My FM’s say I get a bit too cra-cra when meeting dogs for the first time.  I’m not mean or anything, just cra-cra.  So, me and my awesome camp counselor, Virginia, spent the week working on that.

Today my FM’s came to get me.  They spent some time with me and Virginia so they could see what we’ve been doing all week.  My FM’s were impressed.  They could tell I’ve been working hard and said I’m a very good boy.

Virginia was impressed with me, too.  She sent my FM’s updates while I was at camp.  She even sent pictures!  When I got home, I took a peek at what she said about me.  Yeah, she likes me!  Here’s what she said after our first day together:

“I got to meet and work with Yogi today! He’s a sweetheart and very curious. First, I took him for a walk, letting him sniff and pee on everything. Then I took him to meet some nice dogs that were in their crates. He was excited, but not uncontrollable or difficult to redirect. I think that there was so much to see and smell that he didn’t get overly focused on the dogs. He barked a couple of times at the first two dogs, but after I corrected him, he was fine. Tomorrow we’ll try meeting more and maybe even playing with someone!”

After a few days of us working together, Virginia said more cool things about me!

“I’m really happy with Yogi! He’s such a good boy! I’ve been having him meet lots and lots of dogs through fences and gates. He’s been excited about some of them, but once he sniffs hello, calms down and looks around for something else to do.

Today he met Kassie again and got to be loose with her after they were calm. They played a little and walked around sniffing a bit. Sometimes he got a little vocal when playing but wasn’t rough. Kassie didn’t seem to care, but I separated them for a few seconds anyway.”

I made lots of friends at camp.  Everyone there said I’m so sweet.   FM says I’m a work in progress, but I’m a very good boy!black labrador retriever

Hope all you guys had a great week, too!

Love, Yogi

December 1, 2022

Hi Everybody,

I’m off to sleep-away camp!  I don’t know if they have computers there and FM won’t let me borrow her cell phone. So, I might not be able to check in for a bit. I’ll update you when I get home!

Love, Yogi

November 20, 2022

Hi Everybody,

Yogi here.  It’s been a minute since I posted so I figured I should let you know what’s going on in Yogi Land!  I’ve been keeping busy learning all kinds of stuff.   I started playing basketball and, I must say, I’m very good at it.  No one can get the ball from me!  FM tries to steal the ball, but that’s not happening.  I’m much too quick!

I’ve been learning other things, too, like “wait” and “kennel up” and paying attention when FM says my name.  These are things to help me learn impulse control.  That’s a fancy way of saying that sometimes I get so excited and amped-up that I get a bit ‘cra-cra’ and can’t focus on commands.  FM says I’ve made a lot of progress since coming to my foster home.  I don’t bolt out the door anymore.  I go into my crate on command (and sometimes without even being told!).  I’m relaxed in my crate.  And I “wait” for FM to tell me it’s okay to come out of my crate instead of just barging out.  I’m much more relaxed now – and so are my FM’s!  Don’t take my word for it.  Check out this video to see me in action.

There are still some things I need to work on – like how excited I get when the Fed Ex/UPS guys come to the door or when I see other dogs.  I get along great with my foster brothers, Floyd and Rubble.  They are both pretty chill.  Rubble doesn’t even mind when I step on him to look out the window.black Labrador Retriever Mix

But when I see other dogs, it’s hard for me to stay calm.  FM says I’m going to go to sleep-away camp after Thanksgiving to work on that.  She said the camp counselor is an awesome trainer who has worked magic with other Brookline dogs.  Maybe she’ll teach me some magic, too!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m looking forward to that BIG dinner.  YUM!  Speaking of holidays, here’s a picture of me in my spiffy Halloween bandanna.black Labrador Retriever Mix

Later! Yogi

October 30, 2022

Hi Everybody!

Check it out!  NO CONE!  NO PANTS!  I’m FREE!!  My ouchie is all healed up.  I’m feeling great!  I’m allowed to run around as much as I want and be a DOG again!black labrador retriever My FM’s said I’m being a good boy and learning a lot.  I’m really good about going into my crate now.  Last night, I went in there to chill while my FM’s were watching TV.  FM pointed at me and said check it out.  They both smiled.  I think I made them happy.  I like to make them happy.  I’m learning other stuff, too, like SIT and WAIT.  FM said WAIT is super important for me to learn.  She said that after a little “incident” last week.  FM was going outside, and other FM was coming inside with some packages.  I slipped out the door and was across the street before they knew it.  I explored the neighborhood with my FM’s trying to keep up.  They weren’t very good at keeping up!  I had a blast, but they didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did.  Now I’m learning to step back and “wait” when someone goes out the door.  I guess there won’t be any more romps around the neighborhood. Too bad.  At least I get to run in the yard.  I love to run.  FM says I look beautiful and graceful when I run.  Check me out!

I love running around the yard.  I also love it when our neighbor, “Ma”, comes outside and gives us treats!  She does this every day – sometimes a few times a day.    Us kids know to run to the fence when we hear Ma’s door open!black labrador retriever I got to meet some new people last week.  One night FM’s friends came over.  One of them was little, like me, but he was a human.  I really liked him.  FM says I have to work on not getting so excited.  My big bark scared the little human.  But he still liked me and we played.  His dad really liked me and explained to the little human that I am still learning how to be a family dog.  He said I’m going to make a GREAT family dog.  He told me they have a dog who was a bit cra-cra when they got him and he turned out to be a great family dog.  He spent a lot of time petting me and talking to me.  Then he took me for a walk and said I was very well behaved on the walk.  FM said I would have pulled like crazy if I’d seen another dog.  But it was late and no one else was out.  I still get credit for being a good boy, though!black labrador retriever Another new friend came all the way from Florida to meet me!   She’s another Brookline volunteer and she thinks I’m awesome.  She said I’m gorgeous and my pictures don’t do me justice.  I don’t mean to brag, but I think I am a looker.  Don’t you agree?

Well, time to go run in the yard!  Have a great day everybody!  Hope you get to go run, too!




October 15, 2022

So… this happened.black Labrador Retriever Mix

FM ordered a new cone for me.  And it’s ridiculously large.  No jokes about how many channels I can pick up, okay?  I’m already embarrassed enough.

FM says I have to wear this until my ouchie is all better.

I went to see the doctor on Thursday.  A different doctor – not the person who “fixed” me!  He said my ouchie is infected.

I have to take medicine for it and FM has to put an ointment on my ouchie twice a day.  And I have to wear this ridiculous cone.  Doc said it should be better in 10 days.

Doc looked me over and said I’m a great looking dog.  Doc’s assistant gave me lots of love and said I’m a sweet boy.

I didn’t have to wear the cone at the doc’s office so they could see just how great looking I am.

Check it out!black Labrador Retriever Mix

Doc said the medicine will help the boo-boo on my nose heal, too.  FM isn’t sure what that is from, but said it’s probably from rubbing my nose on the crate trying to get out.  I’m not saying she’s right, but I was not a fan of the crate.  I’m getting used to it, though.  I don’t mind it as much.  I’d still rather be out with everyone else, but I’ll hang out in there when FM says I have to and I don’t complain (most of the time!).

FM says we’re going to a picnic tomorrow and I’ll get to meet lots of Brookline peeps and pups.  I can’t wait!  FM said she hopes I’m not too cra-cra.  I don’t know what she means by that.



October 12, 2022

Hello. Is there anyone in there?black Labrador Retriever Mix

Yeah, I’m in here.black Labrador Retriever Mix

Hi!  I’m Yogi!  At least I think that’s my name.  I’ve been called a lot of things over the past month or so.

See I was out on the streets, minding my own business, when someone picked me up and took me to this big, noisy place where there were a bunch of dogs looking for their families.  The people there called me “Astray”.  I tried to tell them that’s not my name, but they kept saying “He’s Astray.”  They finally figured out that wasn’t my name, so they decided to call me Yogo.  I told them I don’t know that name, either.  But they seemed happy with.  I think because it reminded them of their favorite place to get frozen yogurt.  They were happy, so I went with it.

Then a nice lady from Brookline came to meet me and told me I was going to be a Brookline foster dog!  I spent about a week at my first foster home before going to the vet.  The vet was supposed to “fix” me, but I don’t want to tell you what they actually did to me.  After that, I came to my second foster home where I’ve been for almost a week.  Here I have two foster fur-brothers, Floyd and Rubble, and two Foster Moms.  My new FM’s called me Yogo… or Yoga… or Nogo Yogo.. or Bogo.. it was kind of confusing.  My FM’s said that “Yogo” just doesn’t roll off the tongue – whatever that means.  So, they decided to call me Yogi.  They said it’s cute, just like me, so it seemed to fit.  I think my name is Yogi now!

I have my FM’s to thank for these ridiculous things around my head.  They said it’s to keep me from licking where the doctor “fixed” me.  (Let me tell you something – I have an ouchie down there that I did NOT have before going to the doctor.  If that’s the way he “fixes” things, I’d hate to see him break something.) My FM’s have tried 5 different cone things – and I still managed to lick my ouchie.  They put a “suitical” on me.  It went over my head and all the way down around my butt.  I didn’t care for that so I took it off – while I was wearing a silly cone!  FM says I’m a very clever boy!

I guess I’m “smarter than the average bear”!

FM ordered another cone that is bigger than the others.  She hopes it will keep me from licking.  Stay tuned…

FM says I’m finally starting to decompress.  I think that means I don’t run around and pant quite as much as I did before.  I still do that sometimes.  But sometimes I relax and even snuggle with FM.  I like when FM rubs my ears and pets me.  Sometimes she kisses my nose.  I like that, too.

Another thing I like is toys.  We have lots of them here.  I like to empty the toy box, one at a time.  Tennis balls are my favorite.  I like to shred them.  I like to carry them around, too.  And if there is one under a chair or cabinet or anything, I will smell it and I will dig and push until I get it!  FM doesn’t like that so much.  I think that’s why the tennis balls have started to disappear.  That’s okay.  I like other toys, too.black Labrador Retriever Mix

I’m on my second crate here.  The first one got bent up somehow.  Not sure what happened.  FM’s don’t know either since they weren’t home when it happened.  Now I’m in a super strong “gorilla crate”.  It’s holding up much better.  I’m getting better about going into my crate.  I eat my breakfast and dinner in there.  And any other time I go in there, I get a yummy treat.  Sometimes I run right in without being told because I know it’s treat time!

I haven’t had any accidents in the house.  And I haven’t gotten into any trouble chewing on things.  I have knocked some things down when I was running around – especially with these cone things on.  But that’s not my fault.  You would think they’d know that a big dog with a big cone needs a wider path!  FM says I have a lot of nervous energy that makes me pace a lot.  She’s happy when I’m able to relax.  I am, too.  Especially when FM sits with me and pets me.  I sure hope my forever family likes to pet me cos I sure do love that!black Labrador Retriever Mix

Later! Yogi

September 28, 2022

Yogo is a sweet boy and I think he’ll calm down a bit once he gets neutered. He is a little unsure of his surroundings as of now but would adjust well to a home with someone home more often than not. He loves his tennis ball and is still learning to play fetch with one ball instead of the classic two ball trade version of fetch. He was slowly introduced to our resident dog, Lola today and doesn’t appear to be interested in her as much as he is the tennis ball. We’ve been keeping them separate to give him some time to calm down. He eats all of his food and has yet to pee inside although he goes outside and marks my entire backyard. He loves affection and would be content being pet forever. I think it helps calm him down too.

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