Charlie Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 9 Months Old

December 29, 2019

Meet handsome Charlie, a nine-month old male purebred lab.  He is happy, affectionate, sweet and downright funny.  He is a typical playful puppy and loves retrieving sticks, balls and frisbees.   He LOVES to play with squeaky toys and stuffed animals . He enjoys his daily walks and likes to lay by the fire and spend time with his humans  . He LOVES other dogs and likes to play with children.  Charlie is fully house-trained and has free roam of the house. He loves to chew but is not destructive.

He is a little shy with people he first meets  (especially with men) but gets comfortable quickly . He would benefit from some training to learn not to bark at new people or dogs and to stop jumping on his humans to greet them in the morning.

Charlie needs a family/ person able to take him for walks every day, daily playtime to get all the puppy energy out, and lots of LOVE and affection.  He would love a family that is home often  since he does get lonely and sad when his humans leave.  He would do well in a home with or without children (5 yrs or older) with a fenced yard to play in. He would love to have a doggy companion.   Charlie would do well in a home with some throw rugs, runners, or carpeting with limited steps going into/out of the home.  This is necessary because Charlie was born with several compressed vertebrae in his spine. He is able to walk, run, and jump just like any other puppy. His gait is awkward but makes him even more special!

So if you are looking to add a furbaby to your family, one that looks at you with deep golden eyes as if you are the most amazing thing ever…. Charlie is the guy for you.  He is full of love.

December 9, 2019

9 month old chocolate lab Charlie

Good morning all! Charlie continues to amaze us each day. He spent a lovely 4 days in the beautiful Appalachia mountains and loved every minute of it.  The house has a few smaller area rugs with Pergo an hardwood and he managed quite well. He saw snow for the first time and, like most puppies, LOVED playing in it. He was hopping around like a bunny, throwing snow up into the air and chasing it. We took a 1 mile hike in2 ft snow and he was neither tired or in pain! He was begging to walk constantly and trekked up a huge snow-covered hill. He has surpassedall expectations and continues to grow stronger by leaps and bounds. He jumps onto the couch nicely and even hopped into the bed.
The type of couple/family that could adopt him should exercise him moderately every day. He does have a preference for women and takes awhile to be trusting of men. He would do well with a dog companion but does not require one. He would do best with a fenced in yard since he loves to chase frisbees and balls and will only (so far) poo off leash. A couple or family that is home often would be best because he gets
very lonely. He is not destructive but does get very sad when his humans leave him.

9 month old chocolate lab Charlie


November 22, 2019

young chocolate lab CharlieHello from Charlie!!
Charlie continues to grow stronger with more activity. He has been taking very short daily walks and is just beginning to understand how much fun the outdoor world is when walking on a leash! He doesn’t pull at all but is a little hesitant with all the wonders he sees (flags blowing in the wind, children at the bus stop, trash cans, school buses, other dogs, etc). He loves to play in the yard with his frisbee and any stick he can find. He has a best friend labradoodle that he waits for at the fence each morning and then they play nicely together.
Charlie is 100% housebroken, sleeps through the night very peacefully, and LOVES treats and his meals (what lab doesn’t??).
He loves belly rubs and being around his humans. He is a wonderful snuggler and loves to be talked to. He will sit and listen and stare with his beautiful golden eyes. He gets VERY excited to greet his loved ones in the morning or if they have been out of his sight for more than 30 seconds. He jumps up on the couch and is gradually learning to help get himself into the car. Once in the car, he is calm and lays down. Everyone who meets him falls in love with Charlie!!young chocolate lab Charlie


November 6, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Choco Charlie all decked out for ChristmasChocolate Labrador Charlie getting ready for Christmas earlyWell, they warned me…my foster mom goes overboard with Christmas they said, she spends days decorating, especially with lights they said….but I wasn’t expecting this! Would someone please adopt me before she starts stringing lights on me?





November 4, 2019

chocolate Lab puppy, Choco Charlie, got up on the couch by himself

We believe Zimba has zero attachment to that name – you can say it ten times and he won’t pick his head up.  We have renamed him Choco Charlie, but Charlie for short.  He looks more like a Charlie to us.

OMG, since just a few days ago, he has made even more progress.  I still can’t believe it.  So I mentioned he plops his front big paws on the sofa when he wants to get on it.  David said, I bet in a month he will get up on there himself – I honestly thought that was not in the realm of possibilities.  Yesterday I stood there totally astonished as he got himself up there unassisted like he was doing it his whole life.  Twice since then, he looked like he needed help but he did it!!!  I had to capture this moment on film….


October 31, 2019

Chocolate Lab Zimba standing at fence lineWOW – it has been four weeks since golden-eyed Zimba came to stay with us and as each day passes we fall more in love.  The most important thing to know about Zimba is that he is a complete delight….happy, affection, sweet and downright funny.

He has discovered the joy of chasing sticks and his favorite, a Frankenstein squeaky toy.  He still likes Frisbees, but ends up wanting to chew on them more than retrieve them, after all he is still a puppy.  Zimba has been going up and down 8 deck steps with no problem at all for weeks now…although only a few steps are still recommended….he does much better without our assistance.  He goes on short walks where he has met a few canine neighbors and their people.  He enjoys a short walk, but there is still no place like home


Our three-year-old granddaughter came over this week….such a little person was apparently a strange sight for Zimba to see – he was a little scared of her and she of him.  But with encouragement to see that each had nothing to fear, in a short while they were comfortable being together.  I used to worry about little ones knocking him over but now it is the other way around, it is more likely that he would knock a little one over.  He is pretty big and strong and has the excitement of any puppy when playing and it seems to us that his hindquarters are getting stronger with time.

Zimba’s schedule is fairly established.  He does his ”business” around 8 each morning and then eats breakfast.  Dinner is around 5 and his last “business” is now prior to 9 p.m.  He goes out off and on throughout the day for play and number one.  He settles into his bed around 9 each night, thoroughly exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep.  I usually don’t go up until later and he doesn’t even pick his head up to see what I am doing when I leave the room.  And forget about encouraging him to go out one last time as we did the first couple of weeks, nope, he’s too tired and it can wait until the morning (and it does).

We allow dogs on the furniture but due to Zimba’s hindquarters not being as strong as would normally be without the twisted vertebrae, we never expected him to even try.  Well, he surprised us and plopped his big ole front paws right next to me, so we just hoisted up his hindquarters.  He enjoyed sitting with foster mom, watching TV.  We put videos of dogs on TV and he was thoroughly entertained, so cute.  But if you don’t want him on furniture he is a quick learner and will stay off.

Because he was able to jump halfway up on the sofa (did it twice now) I think I can train him to put his front paws into a car and be helped up on the seat so it makes transporting him easier.  Right now he is lifted into the back of our SUV  but I think a nice piece of steak could be a good incentive for him to hop on in the back seat.

What we have learned the longer Zimba is with us is that his disabilities pale in comparison to his abilities.  He likes to do everything that dogs without limitations do.  We don’t even think of him as disabled anymore.  We still have carpeting in the areas he resides so he can have the traction he needs to easily stand…we don’t see that changing.

So if you are looking to add a furbaby to your family, one that looks at you with deep golden eyes as if you are the most amazing creation ever…. Zimba might be the guy for you.  He is full of love.

October 20, 2019

Zimba continues to be a delight, full of puppy love and playfulness.

For a “special needs” dog, he really does not need much accommodation.  Out of necessity, he has been going up and down the deck steps leading to the back yard (about 7 steps with a 5” rise) without any problem whatsoever.  He does way better on his own than with our help.  Foster dad even built a ramp (not a full-blown handicap ramp – a 12-foot straight ramp) but it is easier for him to use the steps.  I would say the only accommodations are carpeting (which many people prefer anyway) and help to get him in the car.  Other than that, he is a piece of cake to care for.

Zimba had his mom with him here for the first three weeks, but it was determined they should be adopted separately.  His mom Ellie is now in a fantastic furever home and Zimba seems to enjoy being the sole focus of his people’s attention.  He had his first night sleeping alone (foster dad did sleep on the sofa until about 2 a.m. in case of any adjustment issues) and not a peep out of him.

While Zimba likes playing a short game of frisbee…he instead prefers to chew it apart.  He spends half his waking hours chewing.  Like every puppy, keep “chewable” things (like a shoe) out of reach and he is more than content to chew on what is provided.  He has bones (nyla and real), frisbees, rope tug toys, etc., at the ready.  We have wooden end tables, coffee table, etc., that he has shown no interest in.

Zimba is more of an indoor dog.  He goes out to do “his business” and sniff around the yard a little bit, but heads back in after a very short while.  He has two big beds here that he takes turns laying on.  One bed is so big it fits the two of us so I thought let me lay here and snuggle with him.  After ten minutes he got up and went to the other bed…..was I snoring or something? LOL!

For someone who wants to open their heart and home to a special needs dog, but one that is healthy and needing little accommodation, Zimba just might be the guy for you!

October 14, 2019

Hi – My name is Zimba and I am looking for a very special furever family.  I am a little over six months old and am one from a litter of 12.  All of my siblings have found their furever homes, but I have been taking my time, waiting for that special home, because I am considered a special needs dog.  My foster family (FF) thinks I am special simply because I am so wonderful (their words not mine).

close up shot of chocolate Labrador puppy, ZimbaDue to some spinal compression issues, my lower back is slightly curved and I have a little more difficulty getting up and walking than other dogs.  My right paw is also a little malformed due to a broken growth plate.  I had an MRI done on my back and the docs say that surgery will not correct the issue, but two vets said they believe I am not in pain.  I love life with the same passion that most labs love life.  My “issues” do not stop me from loving to play, it just has to be done more gently – like throw the ball for me to retrieve 5 to 10 feet away instead of 50 feet or playing tug, don’t tug too hard.  Also, the vet says I shouldn’t go up and down steps too much; a few steps is fine but not a full flight of stairs.  My foster mom (FM) is including videos of me going up and down some deck steps that have a half rise to show that I can do it, but it should be limited due to too much potential for falling.  Other than that, I am just your normal happy and affectionate lab.  My FF always says what a happy guy I am.

chocolate Labrador puppy Zimba chewing on his frisbee

Like every lab, there is no such thing as too much loving.  Although a bit shy at first, I will soon greet you with all the love you deserve and keep you company while in your favorite chair.  I like to follow my FM to see what she is up to a lot, so you need to be careful when you turn around sometimes, but I will also settle in comfortably and let her do her own thing at times.

I am housebroken – no accidents with my FF.  My FM works from home, so she goes out with me every few hours during the day.  Overnight, I have free roam of the downstairs and hold it in until my foster dad takes me out around 5:30 am.

chocolate Labrador puppy Zimba walking in the backyardMy FF says the ideal family for me would be:

  • One floor living with at most one or two steps to get outside. If you have a home with more than one story, then a comfy place for me on the first floor is okay.
  • NO small children – I love them, but I am more easily knocked over and that isn’t good for me. My ideal family would probably be a few adults who like to chill.
  • Another dog is okay – I like other dogs, but it would have to be a smaller and less active dog who won’t knock me over. I would also welcome being the only dog in the house to soak up all of that love.
  • It is difficult for me to get up from any hard surface so carpeting, at least in the areas I will spend my time, is a must. My back legs need traction to stand.  FM tells me that most kitchens have hard surfaces, so it would be best to have a runner for me if there is a need for me to go into the kitchen.  I also have rubber-soled booties that help on hard surfaces when necessary.  Once up I can walk around with a limp just fine. FM has a video of me walking too.
  • I don’t really spend too much time outside by myself, but if I do at my new house, a fenced-in yard is best…not so much to keep me in…but to keep out possible intruders who could harm me.
  • Even though I can’t run fast, I am told I have a prey drive, so no cats or bunnies or other fun to chase animals should be in the family.

So, if you are looking to add a fur baby to your family, and fit the description of my ideal family, how about giving me a try?  You won’t regret it – I will show my gratitude every day.  And let’s face it – I am downright adorable 😊.  FF says…. “to know me is to love me”.

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