Zion: Black Labrador Retriever Male, 3 Years Old, Mix


is a handsome, petite Labrador Retriever mix. He loves to take long walks – he’d probably be a GREAT jogging partner.  He also loves challenges, both mental and physical, and would undoubtedly be a great agility dog.  He is a willing learner, especially if there is a treat at the end! The best treat would be to be adopted.

June 14, 2018

I am still looking for a home of my own, but I am luck to be in a great foster home. Unlike Penny who is in a kennel. My FM and I make visits to see Penny and play with her. She is great fun and well both get to  stretch our legs and run.

two black Labrador Retrievers playing in grass
Penny standing Zion laying down
April 21, 2018

Hi Everyone! It’s me, Zion again!

two Black labrador retrievers Black labrador retriever running

I have been having the most AWESOME time this spring! I have been going on so many new adventures, hiking in some amazing parks! I get to sniff and explore and climb over logs and crawl under fallen trees and scramble over rocks and drink from streams and spend time with my mom and dad and did I mention SMELL COOL NEW STUFF! I love tracking other animals, dogs, squirrels, deer, whatever. They all smell wonderful. I still get overly excited when I see other dogs, but I’m doing really well with almost everything else.

I’m getting really good at fetch now. I run as fast as I can, grab the ball and run back as fast as I can to give it to mom and dad. I’m including a few photos of me having fun during one of my hikes and on the ride home afterwards, and also a video of me chasing the ball. I also have been meeting new dogs and included a photo of me with one of my new friends, Hank. Mom takes me to work with her and takes me for walks with some of the quieter dogs. I have a bunch of new friends now, but I still like it better when I get to sniff them instead of them sniffing me.

I have to go to bed now. I’m super sleepy after our busy day today. I wonder what we’ll get to do tomorrow?

Good night!



Black labrador retriever back of car
March 16, 2018

Hi Everyone! It’s me, Zion again,

Black Labrador Retriever with head on a coffee tableBlack Labrador Retriever laying down with an orange toy

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been so busy! I was really settling into a nice routine with my foster parents and having a great time with all the walks, treats and lovin’. I admit I had a few naughty moments, but I’m figuring out the rules and am being a good boy more and more. The one thing that I am still having trouble with is when we go out for walks and see other dogs, I go a little nuts. I get so excited and want to go sniff them, but mom doesn’t always let me. I get frustrated and bark and jump around. Maybe I get a little too carried away. This week, mom started taking me to work with her at the kennel. Every time I went, I get to play with my old friends, Summer and Black Jack, then I meet a new dog and go for a walk with them. I am very excited to meet them all and mom picks ones that don’t mind me sniffing their bottoms first. I met both boys and girls, big dogs and small! I was such a good boy and was very nice to the other dogs!

When mom is working, I have to rest in a crate, but I don’t mind. The kennel is a busy, noisy place, but my crate is in the cat room/staff lounge which is quieter. There is a cat that lives at the kennel and keeps me company while mom is busy. I don’t mind cats at all.

After such a busy morning, it’s nice to go back home and rest for the afternoon. I like going for an evening walk too. It’s very peaceful here and there are so many wonderful things to smell!

I’m looking forward to the weekend. We are going for a hike with mom’s friend and her dog. Hey, if any of you live near Lake Nockamixon/Ottsville/Doylestown area, we’re always looking for new people and dogs to walk with. Let me know and I’ll have mom set it up!



Black Labrador Retriever laying in the sun spot on the rug


March 3, 2018

This update is from Zion’s new foster mom.  Zion hit the jackpot and is being fostered by a dog trainer and her husband so some lucky family will get a very well trained lab!

Black Labrador Retriever running in the grassZion has been with us for just over a week. After the first couple of days, we found that we could trust him out of the crate when we were asleep or not at home. He tolerates the crate, but periodically would whine or bark and kept waking us up. We are all sleeping better and much happier now, Zion included.
Zion is very good when we are cooking or eating. He will lay quietly and doesn’t beg. He does have an unfortunate habit of checking out the countertops and trash once in a while, but hey he’s a lab, and we are working on that. We don’t let the dogs on the furniture and he most likely was allowed before, but he is learning quickly and is fairly respectful of our house rules. When we watch TV or read in the evenings, he likes to snooze on the rug at my feet. At nighttime, the dogs are confined to the kitchen and he happily sleeps Black Labrador Retriever digging in the snowon a dog bed there.
We all love going for long walks together and playing in our yard. I’ve been doing some agility and some “trick” training with him, just for fun and variety. He is very smart, athletic and food motivated. He definitely needs activity every morning, but then will rest quietly for the rest of the day. Foster dad works from home, so can let Zion out during the day and spend some extra time with him at lunch. I’m in and out throughout the day too. Zion gets a little bit upset when I, or both of us, leave and sometimes whines for a few minutes, but he settles down and isn’t destructive at all when we’re gone.  Good boy Zion!
We still think that Zion would be best as an only dog or with an older, stable dogs that will mostly ignore Zion. He takes a while to get comfortable around new dogs. Some dogs he is calm around, while others he gets scared or over excited and jumps around barking at them. We are working on this issue, walking him with quiet, stable dogs that ignore his antics, and he’s making good progress.  He does very well with our 14 yr old Golden Retriever.Black Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever walking on lead
I’m not sure about children. We haven’t exposed him to any, but he sometimes gets too excited when playing and gets grabby with his toys. When he gets like this, we tell him quietly to settle down and we stop playing with him. Kids often get dogs too amped up and might encourage some of the bad behavior that we’ve been trying to extinguish. I’d hate for anyone to get accidentally hurt.
We’ve noticed that Zion is afraid of loud noises if he is fairly Black Labrador Retriever standing on a grassy hillclose to them. For example, if we are walking down the road and a school bus is coming, he gets scared and tries to pull away from the road. If we get about 15 or so feet off the road, he’ll turn around and calmly watch the bus go by. He also heard some gunshots last week and our vacuum that he was scared of. We’re working on making them more positive experiences.
Overall, Zion is such a sweetheart and a good companion. He has a couple of small issues, but will do well in a home with consistent structure and calm, knowledgeable, yet energetic parents.  Might his forever home be yours?  For more information on Zion please contact info@brooklinelabrescue.org.Black Labrador Retriever hugging a monkey toy


Black Labrador Retriever and is gray bunny toy




January 19, 2018

Just wanted to update you all on how far I’ve come!  As you know, I never really got a chance to spend any time around other dogs, but I’m beginning to understand that they can really be fun!  It’s amazing how much you learn by just watching and hanging out with some really friendly dogs.  They seem to want to chase this thing called a ball, and it kind of looks like fun.  If you watch the video, you’ll see that I’m starting to get the hang of it!

Also, my leash manners are really good now and I love, love, love my walks.  I just really want to please and will be happy to do whatever you ask of me – especially if there is a treat at the end!





December 24, 2017

Don’t you just LOVE to take long walks?  Me too!

How about some jogging?  Me too!

Wanna crawl through some tunnels or climb on top of some stuff?  Guess what?  Me too!

I love being with my people, and really work hard to try and please them.  I am working on good manners when I get excited, and I learn very quickly ‘cause everyone says I’m so smart!  Don’t tell them, but I really do it for the treats!

Check out my videos where I’m showing off a bit.

I’m still kinda scared of other dogs, though I have met a couple through the fence that seem like they might be fun to play with.  I might like older, calmer dogs but no young puppies for me!

I sure would love to find an active home where I can stretch my legs during the day, show off my many talents, and then cuddle with you at night.  Wanna share your home with me?


I am great with mellow dogs!  See my walking with my new friend!





December 10, 2017Black Labrador Retriever standing in the back seat of a car

Meet 3 yr. old Zion!

Zion is a handsome, petite Lab mix whose owners surrendered him when his Dad became sick and was hospitalized.  Suddenly he found himself in a scary shelter.Black Labrador Retriever sitting with an orange leash

His Dad had obviously worked with him, as he knows basic commands and will be happy to demonstrate them for you!  And he loves to take long walks – he’d probably be a GREAT jogging partner.  He also loves challenges, both mental and physical, and would undoubtedly be a great agility dog.  He is a willing learner – especially if there is a treat at the end!Black Labrador Retriever sitting profile on a tile floor

It is obvious he has not been socialized with dogs, as he is shy and hesitant around them.  So he really needs to be in a home without dogs.

Zion would probably do best with older kids, as he can get pretty excited and jumps up.  That is something he needs to work on.

Black Labrador Retriever running in the grass with his ears flyingZion has learned to walk nicely on leash, and really wants to please.  He is a willing learner who needs clear expectations.  He is a boy who wants someone to take charge and keep him mentally stimulated, and he’ll reward you with love and kisses, and be happy to curl up on your bed with you at night.  For more information on Zion, please contact susan.stauffer@comcast.net.

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