Common for a Rescue…

After receiving a negative comment stating that our failure to reply to a message was “common for a rescue,” we have spent time reflecting. What IS “common for a rescue”?

A week in the life…
• We celebrated the adoption of one of our long-time fosters. He finally hit the jackpot and found his forever family.
• We mourned the loss of one of our cherished family dogs.
• We got up early to spend time with our families and care for our own foster and family dogs.
• We spent many weekend and evening hours visiting potential adopters, evaluating dogs in need, getting paperwork ready, and transporting dogs instead of being with our families.
…common for a rescue.

• We responded to calls, texts, emails, and Facebook messages:
o Asking for help to save the life of a dog on death row in a shelter;
o Asking for help with a dog(s) posted “free to a good home”;
o Asking for help to rehome the family dog. “We’re moving, got a new job, just had a baby”…take your pick.
• We spent hours emailing and messaging people needing advice and guidance, all in an effort to keep a dog out of the shelter.
…common for a rescue.

• We held down full-time jobs, cared for our families, tended to elderly parents, children with disabilities, and sick friends.
• We stepped away from dinners, special events, and vacation to field calls about a sick foster dog or an urgent rescue situation. Our families miss us.
…common for a rescue.

• We spent time working through transition and surprise behaviors and medical challenges as new foster dogs joined their foster homes.
• We brainstormed fundraising ideas because that “healthy” dog that was just pulled now has a $2,500 Vet bill we need to pay.
• We got a call from an adopter that the dog they adopted 6 months ago is having problems they can’t deal with, and we need to find a place to move the dog to.
…common for a rescue.

• We received angry messages and comments demanding reasons why we cannot adopt our dogs to locations other than those within our posted coverage area.
• We had adoption applicants questioning our adoption fees and policies.
• We received news that a dog has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, Heartworm, or one of many other illnesses that now must be treated.
…common for a rescue.

• We beat ourselves up for having had to say no to a dog in need because our foster homes are full and we have a wait list of dogs needing help.
• We cried for the dogs that were found too late and couldn’t be saved.
• We held up our fellow rescuers when they felt they couldn’t go on.
…common for a rescue.

So, if you happen to send us an email or message and don’t hear back, feel free to follow up. We may have been busy doing these things that are “common for a rescue.”

~posted and edited with permission from S. Wattenburg from Gentle Jake’s Coonhound Rescue