Duck Pluck Fundraiser

August 25, 2024

Adopt Ducks

Single duck $5.00
Quack Pack (6) for $25.00
Quakers Dozen (13) for $50.00
Flock of Ducks (27) for $100.00

Adopt Ducks


Join us **VIRTUALLY** on Facebook on Sunday, August 25th at 3:00 PM as hundreds of yellow rubber ducks will take a swim at the Camp McGee pool to raise money for our rescue! You can be part of the action by adopting a duck! The adopted ducks will be assigned a number (written on the bottom of each duck) and will go swimming during the event. Once the ducks have swum a few laps, our duck patrol will wrangle them up and randomly pick the winners for cash prizes and more!

THIS IS A VIRTUAL EVENT ONLY. We will be live streaming this event on our Facebook page.

Donations allow us to save more dogs as the funds raised go right back into our rescue. The more ducks you adopt the greater the chance you will win a prize. Duck adoptions are a $5.00 donation and there is no limit to the number of ducks you can adopt!


  • GRAND PRIZE $1,000 Sponsored in memory of our wonderful volunteer, Lou Paul
  • 1st Place: $500 Sponsored in memory of Jerry and Rita Gregory
  • 2nd Place: $250 Sponsored by Albanese Consulting LLC
  • 3rd Place: $100 In honor of all of our volunteers
  • Plus, Brookline swag, and more! Sponsored by Brookline

$150 to purchase our ducks was sponsored by Albanese Consulting LLC.

Adoption Information

Good luck to all!

Once you adopt your ducks, we will email you your duck’s racing number within 2 business days! If you do not receive the email in that time frame please check your spam folder! ***Please note – this is a virtual event. Ducks will not be mailed/shipped/picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ’s

How much is it to adopt a duck?
Single duck $5.00
Quack Pack (6) for $25.00
Quakers Dozen (13) for $50.00
Flock of Ducks (27) for $100.00

What time do the ducks pluck?
The virtual event starts at 3:00 PM EDT

How do my ducks get in the water?
Prior to the duck pluck, volunteers place numbers on every rubber duck! Each number corresponds to someone who has adopted a duck. On race day, volunteers carry all the ducks to the pool and then dump them in at the start of the duck pluck!

How will I know if my duck wins?
We will announce the winners live on Facebook and will contact you using the information you provided with your duck adoption.

Can I adopt a duck for my child?
Duck adoptions must be made in the name of an adult, age 18 or older but you can note with your donation if you would like to acknowledge another person.

What happens to all the ducks?
Volunteers collect the ducks from the event, give them each a warm bath, and rest them until next years duck pluck!

Once I adopt a duck, do I get to keep it?
No, your adopted duck will race for your chance to win fabulous prizes. You will not be able to keep the ducks.

Do I need to be present to win?
No, this is a VIRTUAL only event. You can watch safely from anywhere you have Facebook access.

How do I know what number is assigned to my duck?
You will receive an email from us within 48 hours of your duck adoption with your duck’s randomly assigned number. If you do not receive the email with your duck’s number, please check your spam folder.

Are my duck adoptions tax deductible?
No I’m sorry unfortunately that are not.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?
Anything over $600.00 will be issued a 1099

What are the prizes?
Grand Prize: $1,000
1st Prize: $500
2nd Prize: $250
3rd Prize: $100
Plus, Brookline swag and more!