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National Labrador Retriever Day

January 8 - January 31

The Labrador Retriever has consistently been dubbed top dog in annual lists of America’s favorite breed.  In the past, Labrador Retrievers were primarily used to retrieve wild game from bodies of water. They were used as hunting dogs due to their aptitude for partnership, keen intelligence, and love for the water.  Today they are primarily known as family pets. They are incredible service dogs, guide dogs, scenting dogs, arson task force dogs, performance dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs. AKC recognizes three coat colors: black, chocolate and yellow. Black is the most common shade for a Lab’s fur and they have even been known to be white, silver or red.   The average life span of a Labrador Retriever ranges from 10 – 12 years.  King Buck, a National Champion Retriever, was the first Labrador Retriever to appear on a US postage stamp, back in 1959.


January 8
January 31