Farm to Family – Buddy and Duke

Not all farm dogs are girls. Buddy, a chocolate Lab, and Duke, a yellow Lab, are a bonded pair of 10-year-old boys left behind on an abandoned farm when their owner died, and the property went into foreclosure. For more than two months, Buddy and Duke were outside and alone. Through the kindness of a neighbor, they were fed and survived.

Buddy and Duke were not only hungry for food, but they craved human interaction – whimpering and whining whenever the neighbor would leave. Fortunately, Brookline was contacted and these farm boys were rescued.

Close to a dozen Brookline volunteers mobilized to arrange safe transport, veterinary care and housing for these two sweet dogs. We often say that to rescue takes a village. This is just one example of how Brookline pulls together to save farm dogs and find them a safe place to spend their remaining years.

Most often, dogs that are rescued by Brookline are placed directly with an approved foster. However, at the time of their rescue, Brookline didn’t know enough about Buddy and Duke to match them directly to a foster home. As a result, their journey from Farm to Family took a slight detour.

The boys made a stopover at the Bedminster Canine Kamp (BCK) in Pipersville, where they remained under the care of Brookline, and the wonderful team at BCK.

Recently matched and adopted into a loving home, Buddy and Duke will now live out the rest of their lives, together, enjoying cool pup cups, warm dog beds, and all the human contact they deserve. Good luck boys!