Farm to Family – Cuddles

a chocolate lab laying in the yard looking at the cameraCuddles had a rough start to life. She lived in Lancaster on a farm and had puppies for 6 1/2 years. When she could no longer have puppies, the farmer decided he didn’t want her anymore. Fortunately, Brookline rescued her. On the farm, she most likely lived outside in a cage resulting in a lack of hind end strength. She had untreated sores on her legs from licking due to boredom. Once rescued, she was given the medical care she needed and fostered by a great family who taught her what it was like to live inside a home.

a chocolate lab with a stick in the water

Cuddles was then adopted by us and lived the life she was so deserving of. She was the kindest, gentlest, most loving dog ever! She simply wanted to be with her people and chill and cuddle living up to her name. Because she was so gentle, we felt she would make a great therapy dog. We were right. Cuddles passed her certification test on the first try! She visited nursing homes and an elementary school and local library to help kids get comfortable reading. She loved going on these visits and brought smiles to so many people.

Cuddles looked forward to her walks and loved going to the beach. Unlike your typical lab, however, she didn’t like to swim. She would go in the water but would rather be a lifeguard and watch the comings and goings of the people and other dogs!

two dogs sitting side by side

She lived with her sister Onyx who was also a Brookline rescue. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to both Cuddles and Onyx over the last few years but their memories are still in our hearts.

Brookline always says that the farm dogs are the best dogs. I agree. Cuddles is why I became a Brookline volunteer and why we adopted two other Brookline rescues, Mya and Maggie, who also bring us much joy.

Thank you, Brookline, for rescuing Cuddles and giving her a second chance at life. The farm dogs so deserve this!