Farm to Family – Pearl

silver labPearl is one of the lucky ones. As a two-year old farm dog, she was unable to have puppies. This saved her from living even more years confined and isolated as a breeder dog. In the years before her rescue, Pearl’s life consisted of an outside pen and a crate that was kept inside a barn.

When rescued by Brookline, Pearl had severe and painful ear infections. One side of her head was scarred from incessantly digging at her ear. She also had a hematoma in her right ear, which caused it to be narrower and more disfigured on the inside. Farm girls rarely, if ever, get medical care. Her rescue ride was a day that would forever change her life. But rescuing breeder dogs can only be realized when a foster home is willing to take them in. Lesley and Jason graciously opened their home to Pearl.

dog licking drivers face on rescue ride

In foster care, the goal of Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue is to provide farm dogs with kindness and care. All veterinary costs are covered while being fostered. Once ready for adoption, it’s time to find them the perfect forever home. An important step in the Farm-to-Family process as adoptions open up space in our foster homes so that more dogs can be rescued. To date, Lesley and Jason have fostered a total of 16 dogs; 8 of those were farm dogs.

As we successfully expand our network of foster homes, we also recognize that more dogs being fostered will mean additional medical costs. Our Farm-to-Family Campaign is raising funds to directly support the care of these amazing dogs.

2 dogs posing for a picture with 2 adults

Having never lived inside a warm home, breeder dogs appreciate what it means to be rescued. At first, our farm girls can be timid and a bit anxious. After a life of isolation, everything is new to them. While it can take time for them to warm up to you and their new surroundings, when they finally do, it is well worth the wait.

At the time of her final adoption, Pearl was less anxious but still somewhat timid of new people and places. To ease Pearl’s transition, Lesley and Jason drove 4 hours on Thanksgiving Day to take Pearl to her forever home. Pearl’s new family turned out to be the perfect match for her! They were extremely patient and willing to give her all the time she needed to settle in.

After about a year, Lesley and Jason received a note from Pearl’s new family saying that Pearl finally climbed the stairs! This was an important milestone for Pearl. For a year the family refused to leave her downstairs by herself and took turns sleeping on the couch by her side. In a recent text, her adoptive mom celebrated Pearl’s successful journey from the farm to their family, “The difference between her now and then is like night and day. We’re so grateful you all let us adopt her.”

2 dogs and a cat in a snuggle pile

Those who foster and adopt farm girls know their history and, as such, are extremely patient with them. Given time, love and a safe space, these dogs will eventually settle in and learn to trust. In the end, the investment of time is well worth the love you will receive in return. This is the story of Pearl.