Memorial Garbo

We adopted Garbo in October of 2011, our kids were 5 and 7 at the time. Garbo had a great start with a wonderful family that she shared with her brother Gatsby (Jazzy). Unfortunately the family had a serious situation that took too much time and attention away from their beloved pets. I know that rehoming Garbo & Gatsby was a tremendously difficult decision for that family. Garbo came to us with manners, some beloved toys and quickly won us all over. She was an unusual looking dog, she was a mix of labradoodle and bouvier. She looked like a character out of a Dr. Suess book, somewhat wiry fur with spectacular eyebrows and a beard when it wasn’t trimmed, a magnificent creature. I want Brookline and the original family to know that Garbo had a great life here. For nearly 10 years, she had 4 acres to roam around, an in-ground pool (which she barked at with great passion…she was not a fan of swimming), plenty of walks around Peddler’s Village, the Delaware Towpath and the New Hope/Lambertville area. My daughter and husband both play musical instruments and Garbo was very passionate about howling along…guitar, piano, harmonica, the flute – Garbo demanded to be included in each practice and jam session. She somehow managed to be low key and engaging….she was strong without being intimidating. She wasn’t a pushover but she gave everyone a fair chance. Once you won her over, she was yours forever. She liked belly rubs, butt scratches and table scraps (who doesn’t). She loved her family and the people that came to know her. Rest easy Garbs, nearly 10 years and not near enough. Until we meet again, friend.