Memorial Harley

Dear Brookine Lab Rescue,
In July 2014 we adopted a male black lab named Harley from you.  He was the second dog we had adopted from your group.  Sadly, we had to say goodbye to him today as he had terminal cancer with large tumors in his mouth.  He was over 15 years old and while he was slowing down the past year, he was still going strong until the past few weeks.
We had renamed him “Sammy” in order to avoid confusion with our son, Charlie.  Sammy loved swimming with us in a lake in NH.  In 2018, we moved to Hopkinton, MA near a state park.  Sammy loved the lake in the park and would beg to go swimming daily during the summer.  He was intelligent, sweet, gentle, friendly, and the best dog we ever had.
I’m enclosing some pictures of Sammy through the years.
Thank you for connecting us with Sammy.

Cindy Taylor & Don Jackson