Memorial Archie ID #2792

July 14, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Our family has been very sad the last few days as we had to make the difficult decision to say, “so long for now” to our sweet Archie. His little body pushed through some of the most horrendous skin conditions, lumps and lesions that Doc and the Dermatologists had ever seen. He tolerated “spa” treatments and salves, endless medications, got poked multiple times for blood draws and endured weekly allergy shots and yet, he never complained, growled or grumbled. He only looked at us with his deep soulful eyes and let us know that he trusted us. He loved us to the very fullest his big heart could and we loved him back as much and more.

He was/is my favorite foster. Our whole family had a love for him that is incomparable. We all rooted for him, determined to make him better, to make up for lost time and fun that he missed out on because he was suffering with numerous skin conditions. He had a special diet, special clothes to keep him warm when he had no fur, special medications and even a special chair that he slept in. His absence is felt by everyone (kids and pups) and especially Bruiser, the beagle. And me. I am heartbroken.  He was my shadow and constant companion. The joke in our family was, “if you can’t find Mom, look for Archie” and often Archie and I could be found hiding in a closet for fun. He got the joke and always played along.

In the nearly last two years since we met Sue at the shelter to pick Archie up, we have tried to make each day special. He has been the ever-present consoler of bad days, secret keeper, peace maker, helper with homework, laundry, and cooking. He was the vigilant quad passenger, woods explorer and firewood gatherer. He has been a neutral pup companion willing to give up his seat in the car to make sure peace was restored for the back seat passengers, a calm presence among the chaos, a happy participant in anything and everything we were doing. He had our whole hearts. While we are very sad, we are extremely grateful he chose us for his family. Loyal, loving, patient, gentle, appreciative and so very trusting. He is terribly missed; we are sure he is running and breathing free with all the other pups who’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge including our Max and Cleo.

In the end, what got him was cancer. The multiple lumps and lesions that we had removed were squamous cell carcinoma that unfortunately spread to his lungs. We managed the pain with medication, prayed and bought time with everything Doc thought of to help us squeeze out every last minute with him. He managed to turn a “a few weeks left” into three months; he was the mightiest little fighter.

Thank you to everyone who followed us on his journey. Archie had a fan club for sure and we are so thankful for Brookline’s love and support. We are grateful for all of your support and pep talks- we all felt the prayers, especially sweet Labrador Retriever

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