Memorial Buddy

Chocolate labrador retriever faceHello to everyone at Brookline Rescue.   In memory of our Buddy….
We adopted Buddy C 14 months ago. It was a very happy time for my son Davie, daughter Debbie and myself, Margaret . We loved Buddy at first sight.  We were so happy to bring him home with us.

We are all very, very sad that Buddy has left us so soon, tears are still flowing from our eyes. Buddy was a wonderful dog, he brought us much joy.  He always kept us laughing, he changed as time went by.   Buddy started retrieving things from the house and he would then bring them to us.  It could be magazines, mail, toys, he even brought us a vase that was very heavy.  I don’t know how he managed that.  He always seemed so pleased with himself.  When company came, he loved to retrieve things then  too.  In the kitchen were paper bags.   He would head for the kitchen, grab the bag and run off  wagging his tail. Then he’d return for a treat!

Chocolate labrador retriever two women one manEveryone just loved him, he became funnier as time passed by.   We loved Buddy with all our “Hearts”!  I recall when a friend came to visit, she left her purse on the floor and Buddy hurried over to her purse, took her mail from her purse and ran off .

Buddy spent a lot of time with me, when I would be in the kitchen he would lie near the stove. It was not easy trying to get around him while I was cooking. If I was doing the dishes, he’d be right beside me again. When I went to my computer, there was old faithful . He followed me up the stairs, like he was looking out for me. When he first came home, I was in my room crying. Buddy got on the bed and put his head on my chest until I was calm.

When we would go down the stairs, he’d go first, then he’d stop and look to see if I was coming. I felt that he wanted to be sure I was ok. When we went out for walks he was happy. Then in the back yard he’d go for runs and we had so much fun with him. He was always so funny when he did his business. Buddy loved going for car rides. Buddy loved when we took him to Pet Smart. He always knew when he was going to the vet, he’d look at me and start barking as if to say “we’re almost there!” Going home was the same, he knew when he was just about home. There again , he’d bark like he was so happy that we were taking him home. They certainly do know… dogs know more than some people realize. I could go on and on about my Buddy who was truly an incredible dog!! We loved him with all our hearts, I’m so very happy that he came into our lives and that we were able to give him a loving, happy , fun home!! Another thing I wanted you all to know is that he came to me in a dream that same night and asked me to walk with him so we can talk.

What I did want to share with all of you.. the day we took Buddy to the vet, knowing it was time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge
was the hardest thing for all of us to do. It broke our “Hearts”. But we knew we needed to do what was best for Buddy. We all sat on the floor around Buddy. the vet gave him a shot to relax him some. Then suddenly Buddy got up some to look at me and started barking at me. I know he was saying goodbye and to thank me and Davie and Debbie. He was telling us “thanks for understanding letting me go”. He needed to be free of his pain. Buddy will forever be in our hearts. We will never forget him..

Then he went quietly to sleep. We kissed him and hugged him and told him how much we will miss him. We want to thank all of you at Brookline rescue for giving Buddy to us. Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to him.

In Light & Love
Margaret, Davie& Debbie

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