Memorial Candy

black yellow labrador retriever standing looking up
Candy and Spirit waiting to go for a walk

yellow labrador retriever sitting in bay window
Candy on guard, keeping the neighborhood safe

yellow labrador retriever laying down
Candy on guard in the back yard

yellow labrador retriever laying on couch
Candy in her spot on the couch with the heating pad

yellow labrador retriever laying down
Candy guarding the front yard. She was a beautiful girl.

Michael and I started the adoption process in April 2008 because we had lost our beloved yellow lab, Sam, 5/1/07. He was 12 and died from heart failure. Thanks to family and friends we found the Brookline website and fell in love with Sandy and Spirit. My Michael passed away suddenly on 5/1/08, 1 year to the day after Sam. Michael died at 50 from complications of a heart murmur. It was days before we were to pick up our new additions. I was inconsolable and didn’t want go through with the adoption but I did anyway. Thankfully, Brookline held Spirit and Sandy until I was ready. It was the best thing I could have done. We bonded instantly and they kept me going when I didn’t want to go! Michael and I talked about changing Sandy’s name to Candy and after I got her and saw how sweet she was, that’s exactly what I did. So, Candy and Spirit came to live with me. Poor Candy had many problems with her ears from past untreated infections and I know she suffered but she was always happy and wagging her tail, no matter what. After many vet visits, we finally got a handle on her ears. Candy loved riding in the car so I would take her when I would run errands because she would sit in the front seat just like a passenger with her head out the window. I would put the heated seat on for her and she would look at me and smile (she really did smile but I could never get a photo of it!). I’m sure it felt good on her arthritic joints. So much so that I bought her her very own heating pad. I had one and she had one and after work we would both be on the couch with our heating pads on! Candy also loved to guard the house. Whether she was in the bay window or outside in her special spot where she could view the entire area she took her job very seriously and kept us safe from intruders. Spirit was her back up. On Sunday, 2/26, Candy had some sort of seizure while in the back yard and passed away with me right by her side petting her and talking to her. She almost made it to 14! When I went in to get a blanket to put her in, I looked out the window and saw Spirit walk over to her, sniff her and kiss her on the face. I think on some level he knew that his faithful companion had departed and he was saying goodbye to her. If love could have saved her, she would be with me right now with her head on my lap getting a tummy rub. I only had the pleasure of her company for 3 years 8 months but she was loved a lifetime’s worth. She was the “Queen” of the castle and lived a life of luxury. She was spoiled and loved by all who met her. She was top dog in the vet’s office too. I could go on and on, I have so many wonderful memories of my sweet Candy girl. Suffice it to say I was truly blessed to have her spend her last days with me. They were good days for both of us. Like my sister says, God doesn’t give us a dog that will live forever so we can give a good home to more than one. For now, I like to think that Candy is playing with Michael and waiting until we can all be together again. When the time is right, Spirit and I will open our home and heart to another yellow girl knowing that there will never be another sweet Candy girl….

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