Memorial Cody

Sadly, we had to put our Cody to sleep this week. He was 14 and a few months. He’d been slowing for a while, and finally he just didn’t have the strength to stand. We got him as a foster about 7 years ago when we needed a cheer-up during a stressful time. There wasn’t much demand for older dogs at the time. He had some meetings, but no takers. After 9 months, someone finally showed interest, but we realized we couldn’t let him go so we adopted him. We were already his third home and he didn’t deserve to be uprooted again.
Last year we moved to South Carolina and Cody got to live in a shore house for a few months while we shopped for a home. Every day he got 3 nice walks on the beach, which he loved. Even after we found a house, we got him to the beach once or twice a week. The house seems empty without him. We miss him a lot.