Memorial Gia

I adopted Gia in February and lost her in October, 2021. She was the sweetest dogthere ever was. Her former owner gave her up because she could no longer go up stairs or do bare floors. So I bought rug runners and a ramp for the car. We did lots of walks. She was the only dog that I’ve had that did “snow angels”. I think this was due to her skin allergies but it was so cute. She melted hearts with her friendly snuggles and sweet smile. She was diagnosed with LARPAR and had a tumor on her lung. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I got love and devotion as we navigated vet care during the pandemic. She developed digestive issues making me be creative with meals. With the summer heat we had to adjust our lifestyle, she loved her walks so we had to go around dawn because the heat made it hard for her to breathe. I thought when fall came that we made it but then her digestive issues took hold. She was very hard on my heart, but it was so rewarding trying to figure out how to keep her happy and enjoying life. I am convinced that I am destined to adopt older dogs.