Memorial Kirra

black Labrador RetrieverKirra came to us from Brookline on September 15, 2012 at the age of four and a half. She had come from a good home that for various reasons could no longer keep her.
After a brief adjustment period of her howling at the door, jumping on the furniture, and dragging us on the leash, she finally settled into her forever home. Of course there was compromise. She was only allowed on my son’s bed, (since we couldn’t keep her off it anyway), we went to training as a family so we would be able to safely walk her in the neighborhood, and we learned to trust each other.

black Labrador RetrieverWe have been so blessed to have her in our lives. Not a day went by that she didn’t bring us joy. Our kids were only 10 when we got her and they couldn’t have loved her more. She won the hearts of everyone around her, especially children, which was great because there were always lots of them here in the summer swimming in our pool. She became sort of the neighborhood mascot. Kirra loved to swim and bask in the sun all Labrador RetrieverThe rest of the time she was my shadow. She always had to know where I was and would check the whole house if she couldn’t find me. I think it was because she was afraid that I would go on a walk without her. Well, that almost never happened. We would walk every day, no less than a mile and sometimes more than 6 miles in a day, often swimming in creeks along the way. No matter how far the walk, she would always be energized and want to play when we got back.

black Labrador RetrieverWe have no regrets where Kirra is concerned. She was loved by many, swam often, spoiled rotten, walked to her heart’s content. My son even made homemade treats for her at least once a month.
Early this summer she began to limp and the xray showed she had bone cancer. There was nothing we could do except keep her comfortable until it was time to let her go. She was never alone those last few months and still wanted to play and walk, even though it was only short distances. Kirra was surrounded by her family as we said good-bye on her favorite spot in the backyard on September 8, 2020, almost 8 years after we brought her home.

She touched the hearts of so many and will be forever missed by us and everyone that knew her.

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