Memorial Liberty

yellow labrador retriever womenA LOVE STORY
Nine a half years ago Linda dropped off a young 3 year old yellow female at our house that was on her way to Barb’s house to be fostered prior to being put up for adoption. I mentioned to both Linda and Barb that I thought it would be a good idea to just leave this little 80 plus pound bundle of joy and claim that she just happened to get lost on the way to fostering. Sounded like a good idea at the time. We, Jan and I, had but a few fleeting moments to observe this young lady before Barb hauled her away for an extended period of time. By the way this yellow bundle was named Liberty and her brother Justice who was also being fostered somewhere else and no ones seems to know what ever happened to For All. (come on now people, ‘liberty and justice for all’)

yellow labrador retriever sittingJan and I had a discussion about this little girl and we decided that she would be a good fit in the Williams’ family. So as to not lose any momentum in this race I e-mailed Barb that very evening and stated that I had a yellow lab at my house earlier that day and that someone absconded with her, and did she know anything about it? Within a very short period of time, no more that an hour or two I receive a reply from her with a photograph of three Labs. Her response was that she has not seen my yellow Lab, just her black Lab two chocolates. The photograph showed her black and chocolate Labs and Liberty with her big yellow face staring at the camera from under a large brown towel draped over her head. This was the beginning of a love affair that was to last almost ten years.

We adopted her after the required fostering and have claimed ever since that she was better behaved than any of
yellow labrador retriever standing manthe children and almost a good as the Grand children. We often claimed that was a gift from God, our fur angel. Her good manners and gentle demeanor was further displayed and enjoyed by hundreds and hundreds of strangers when she became a certified Therapy Dog. She put a smile on the faces and a warm feeling in the hearts of all came in contact with her. That included the old, the ill, the very young and the young at heart.

We lost her today around just after noon when she escaped the throws of the cancer and a host of other ailments associated with it. She has crossed over the rainbow bridge to begin an afterlife that is without the trials or troubles of the earthbound.

We miss her terribly. Please say a prayer on her behalf, and if you will be sure to thank God for the love and joy she brought us over these past nine and a half years.

Walt and Jan Williams

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