Memorial Max

March 12, 2021 was a very sad day for us, our 13 1/2 yr old Max crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He was adopted in August, 2018 and formally became ours in September, 2018. It didn’t take us long to realize what a wonderful boy he was and we loved him instantly. He became a friend to everyone he met, human and animal. People and their companion dogs he met on our walk were always happy to see him. Many times they would join us on our way, could be from 2 to 5 groups of us, labs, great dane, small dogs also.
Max was a very large black lab and loved to ride in the car with us. Because the seats were not comfortable for him we took a seat out of the middle row and put his bed in that spot so he could stretch out, he made himself very comfortable. We often stopped for treats on some of the trips, which he throughly enjoyed.
Max loved his walks even though his Arthritis slowed him down in his last weeks to very short walks around our neighborhood .
Our boy Max left a large hole in our hearts. Thank you Brookline for giving us the pleasure of having him in our family and loving him for the time he was with us.