Memorial Nellie

It is with a heavy heart that I want to relay the news that on Saturday 2/20/21, we lost our beautiful, loving Nelly Blue (formerly Remi) adopted 11 years ago through Brookline. Nelly was happy, playful and seemingly healthy as late as Thursday evening, however after distress that began in the wee hours of Friday followed by multiple xrays, ultrasounds and bloodwork, it was found that she had an undetected (most likely malignant) mass deep in her intestinal tract that had perforated and caused her to become septic. Surgery was a possibility but given her age she had a small chance of surviving the surgery and if so, there would most likely be little the docs could do but possibly buy her a bit more time. It was recommended by the specialty/emergency vet we were sent to see after two examinations by her lifelong veterinarian, that euthanasia was the kindest, most compassionate option. With broken hearts, we decided to go through with it and Nell passed peacefully surrounded by her immediate family around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. The only consolation is that she did not suffer very long, and as dogs do, tried her best to put on a brave face to make us feel better, weakly wagging her tail and giving kisses until the very end.
We were the third owners of Nelly/Remi, who was a Chocolate Lab surrendered by her second family who rescued her from her first owners after she was subjected her to isolation and neglect. She was estimated to be about two years old when she became part of our family and found her forever home. She rose spectacularly above her difficult beginnings to become a wonderful pet, an AKC Good Citizen and a certified emotional therapy dog who helped countless children, young adults and teachers through her work in the Roxy Therapy Dogs program based in the Central Bucks area. (Doylestown, PA)
She was featured in the ‘mission statement” video on the RTD website and in their fundraising picture book “Be Like Bud.” published a few years ago.

Over the years, we considered many times fostering or adopting another Brookline rescue, as a companion for Nell, but we kept coming to the conclusion that Nelly did best as an only dog who we could shower with attention and activities (though she always loved her cat siblings, her neighborhood dog friends and dog co-workers and all of her human friends and neighbors – and they loved her!) She visited her human siblings at college in Boston and New York, stayed in hotels, visited museums, camps and libraries and was even lucky enough to have her very own beach house in OCNJ for a few years, where she enjoyed runs on the beach and swims in the ocean (or whatever body of water she could find!) and took many road trips with us in the area to state parks, national parks, trails, lakes, etc. We’re only sorry she never got to attend a Phillies game during one of the Bark at the Park events, as she’s a huge Philadelphia sports fan with appropriate collars and bandannas that she proudly wore to support her teams!
In addition to her “professional relationships” as a therapy dog, she was a wonderful companion to all of us and she literally saved my daughter’s life during her months of being bedridden during her struggle with chronic disease and who kept us company during work at home situations dating back to 2011. We jokingly called her the “over-friendly receptionist” who was always by my side, but enthusiastically greeted delivery persons, our mail carriers and any repairmen who ever stepped foot in the house! She truly became a friend to all who met her!

In any case, we wanted to let you know, that now, without our Girl in our lives, we are ready and willing to foster or adopt with Brookline when possible.
Please keep us in mind if you have need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for connecting us with our Beautiful Nelly! We are heartbroken, but happy that she’s at peace and feeling good again.

Most sincerely,
The Hughes Family
(Mary Helen, Mike and Anna Hughes)