Memorial Penny

yellow labrador retriever stuff dog toyyellow labrador retriever laying on deck with flowersPenny, who was affectionately known as Penny Penster and Poochie McDogg, was truly a unique pup. We adopted her in 2008, shewas a skittish 8 year old. She was quite a challenge at first, with her counter surfing, carpet wetting and stubborn nature. She certainly kept us on our toes at all times, but she was always entertaining. When she would get bored and want some attention she would do “pop-up dog” where she would hop up and down behind our half-wall so we would see her head pop up, then disappear, and continue until we got up to tend to her. Whenever the words “do you wanna go…” she would perk her ears up, start running, jumping and whining until you either took her for a ride or a walk. Her favorite things to do were going for car rides and walks. She had a lovely pink collar with black and white zebra stripes, with a matching leash; she was always the most stylish dog on the street! She was quite a lady; sitting with her paws crossed, staring haughtily at the passersby. Penny was a lovable dog who wanted nothing but love and a nice ear rub! She enjoyed going outside and chasing those nasty chipmunks in the yard. She always had to know exactly what was going on with each family member; and the neighborhood too! She would patrol the street, looking outside the windows to make sure there was no funny business! Every time she heard a window open she would rush over to assess the situation. She was a feisty girl who would stop at nothing to get exactly what she wanted; whether it be a walk or Frosty Paws ice cream. As quickly as Penny entered our lives, she was just as quickly taken from us. She had a cardiac tamponade suddenly and died peacefully in her sleep, curled up in a ball. Penny was a wonderful dog who has greatly impacted our lives. We miss her everyday and still listen for her to come running in the house and look behind us, searching for her.

Rest in peace, Penny: September 3, 2010, you will never be forgotten.

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