Memorial Pete

yellow labrador retriever laying down
Hello Brookline,
My husband and I desire to adopt another fabulous lab from your organization, if possible. We recently had to put down our 14 yr. old male lab “Pete” that we adopted from Brookline in 2005. Our Pete was a three year old yellow.

We are very grateful to Brookline for allowing us to adopt Pete. It was a wonderful match! Pete was our baby. He gave us so much pleasure and we miss him so much. He was perfect for us. After an initial short adjustment period, and a professional trainer for a few sessions, Pete fit in perfectly, It seemed like a match made in heaven. Pete loved our home and we adored him. We had his love for 12 years. He is gone now, sadly forever, and we miss him so much.

We realize that our home needs a dog child. We adored our boy and would love to offer another dog his forever home. Pete was our second rescue. Before Pete, we adopted Morgan at 7 yrs. and loved him until he passed at 13 yrs. old. Another doggie child is what we need in our home.

Keeping our fingers crossed!

Pete’s gone.
He lived to be 14.
That’s like 770 in human years.
And over the last 12 of those human years he went from being a rescued/mixed-up fella to a sweet and gentle dude who was so good with my kids even when they were stepping on his paws and trying to ride him like a desert camel.My mom and my stepdad, George, they gave him the most wonderful life that any dog could hope for. They really did. In return, Pete became one hell of a companion too, settling into his role as sidekick and shotgun rider easily once he understood that all the fears and uncertainties of his early life in some other place were a thing of the past.When a dog believes in love he believes the hell out of it, and that’s just what happened with Pete. One night years ago he must have laid there on his dog bed and sighed and closed his tired eyes and decided that things were gonna be okay after all.

He was home. Home at last. What a thing to realize, you know? What a beautiful thing to finally let yourself believe.

They’re going to miss Pete so much. We all are. We’ve lost a lot of dogs in this family over the past year and it always hurts the same. But still. The pain is the sign of the love. And the love is the sign of the luck. And the luck, that’s the thing we need to remind ourselves of. Because damn, Pete and my mom and George, they sure were lucky to have found each other.
That’ll never go away.

So run your ass off now, Peter Koch, you big oaf. Tell Max and Milo I miss them bad. Tell ’em I said to share that cosmic tennis ball with you, okay buddy?

You sure as hell earned it. (written on facebook by Serge Bielanko, son)

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