Memorial Ruby

Ruby came into our lives quite by chance in September/October of 2016. We had lost our yellow girl Elle on September 14, 2016. I was so very sad that for some reason I looked on the internet for rescues for Labs. I was directed to BLRR and almost immediately I saw Ruby, a yellow farm girl. I was drawn to her but she was not available it said. Long story but I ended up talking to her foster mom for over an hour on the phone and we ended up being chosen to adopt Ruby. We had her for 7 wonderful years. She was the most special girl from the moment we met her. She was such a funny, sweet and special dog. I do think the most special dog we have ever had.


We lost her on October 30, 2023. We were devastated but soon ended up adopting another wonderful and special girl named Laura on December 31, 2023. Laura has helped us to move on. We have another BLRR girl named Bella who we also adopted from BLRR in January 2020. She loved Ruby also but in just 5 weeks has learned to love Laura as well.


There are so many wonderful dogs who need good homes and I highly recommend BLRR to anyone looking for the love of their life!!