Memorial Sierra

We officially adopted our bonded pair Brookline Girls on March 3, 2018; Samantha, mother {DOD 3/29/2021} and Sierra, daughter. Here is a picture of the girls when we adopted them. They just melted our hearts.

Sierra just passed 11/17

With aching hearts, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Sierra on November 17, 2022. Our hearts are so broken!! She was such a love with a kind and happy spirit. So shy when we first got her, she just clung to her mom, Samantha, which we also adopted. And with lots of love and patience, she became much more social and playful but still was our velcro pup. She loved everyone and every dog that she met, young and old. We are so blessed that Sierra came into our lives and brought so much love and joy to Our Home, even for just a short time. Thank you Brookline for bringing us together.