Memorial Midas and Mandy

I adopted 7 year old Midas(my gentle giant) and his sister Mandy(sweet and bossy) in 2014 when their owner died.They were kept in a small area and their leg muscles were so bad they couldn’t easily go up stairs. They never walked on a leash.


They also needed to be always together, not even separated for minutes. So we had a lot of work to do, but it was so worth it. They become great friendly walkers and my best friends. They loved swimming, playing in the snow and walking in the woods, typical labs. They pretended to be guard dogs but wagged their tails and tried to snuggle when people entered the house. They loved when I started working from home. But thyroid disease, chrons, anxiety, digestive issues and arthritis slowed them down. Vet visits during the pandemic were stressful for all. I lost them both within a few months in late 2020 and early 2021, Mandy first, Midas was lost without her even though I dognapped my son’s dog to help him out. I am now devoted to adopting older labs, I don’t have them very long but it is so rewarding to see these older dogs be the best they can be enjoying life.