Memorial Mocha #9

Meet Mocha, a 12-year-old chocolate farm girl who came into rescue with Brookline. On the way to her foster home Mocha made a pit stop at the vet’s office to get up to date on her vaccines and check her overall health. Sadly, we received some bad news during her vet visit…Mocha had mammary tumors, a mass on her rear end, and was showing signs of either pyometra or a UTI. We decided at that point to have her evaluated at the emergency vet clinic and they confirmed that she did in fact have pyometra. Emergency surgery was performed on Friday to remove her uterus and ovaries, and the mammary tumors along with opening up her stomach to remove a nail that she had swallowed on the farm and the ER staff found on the scans. This sweet, sweet girl did fabulous! Mocha came through the surgery beautifully on Friday and was released from the hospital on Sunday to her foster family. Her surgeon said the mammary tumors that were removed appeared benign, and hopefully that will be confirmed when the biopsy results come back. Mocha has been amazing throughout the last few days as her whole world was turned on its head and she has gone through three painful procedures in one surgery between the hysterectomy, mastectomy, and gastronomy. Everyone who has met Mocha has commented on how sweet and what a great disposition this girl has even when you know she has to be hurting.

Mocha past away at the home of her loving foster family.

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