Memorial Snowy

Yesterday was a sad day for a lot of people. The good news is that it’s not the end….SNOWY wrote one last letter and wanted me to share it with everyone. So here it goes ❤️
yellow Labrador RetrieverHEY GUYS, ITS ME SNOWY!!! Today is going to be a roller coaster for many people. I understand that. I want EVERYONE to also understand that it’s ok to feel ANYTHING you need to about it and for as long as you need to. I’ve been having some really good heart to heart talks with my Mum over the last 2 weeks. I’ve explained that while I really don’t mind being carried and lifted everywhere, I do kind of miss pulling myself up and being able to walk around. I REALLY miss running…. But that was quite a long time ago. When I got to my home last year, I could walk all the way down the cul de sac!!!! Last winter I could walk about 6 houses down the street and then my DAD or hooman sisters would come and pick me up in a cozy warm car. I could go for fun car rides for icecream and donuts and trips to the lake for a dip. I enjoyed being on the deck for grilling time and out on the grass. Remember last summer when I got to go on the slip and slide???? That was SO FUN!!!!! I could play with Bear and the cats, I could even climb up on the couch!! Well, lots of that has changed over the year and a bit, every since I turned 18 and that’s OK!!!! My mum and I talked about my grandpa who lives across a RAINBOW BRIDGE 🌈 He lives there with different cats my mum had named Reg, Percy, Jimmy, Roger, and Oliver and that’s where I’m going!!!! ALSO, that’s where I will get to not only stand up and walk but RUN!!! And play fetch!!! I will be more hungry also because lately I haven’t wanted to eat much, even the yummy eggs my mum makes. My mum said I can have ANYTHING where I’m going. She got lots of water in her eyes and it wouldn’t stop. I asked her if she had a hose in her eyes… ISN’T THAT FUNNY!?!?! Who has a hose IN their eye?

yellow Labrador RetrieverI want you all to know that I am so lucky I came to my house and I have been SO loved and taken care of. I asked my hooman sister Cayman to take pictures so you could all see that I was OK up until I left for the RAINBOW BRIDGE. My mum was right there, like ALWAYS. She has been very brave but this is going to be very hard for her for awhile. I was a HUGE presence in her life literally and figuratively. I will promise to say hello and play with all your pups you have all told me about when I get there. Try not to be sad, this is a better day for me because I was struggling AND my mum told me I will eventually get to see HER and my DAD and my hooman sisters again!!!! I Love you all!!! Please always be good to each other. LOVE, YOUR FRIEND, SNOWY 🐾❤️🌈