Memorial Tootsie

She told us on Saturday. With her eyes of course. Side eye usually. This time direct and clear, message that it was time.
Her paws were soft yet cold. Unusual I could touch them without a flinch. They were limp too.
Choppy breaths, working hard to exhale. Nourishment refused. We knew our girl was leaving. We talked for quite awhile.
Yesterday this quirky, hyper vigilant, anxious pup put her head out of the car window and let folk at the vet’s office pet her with abandon. As the amazing Dr. Amanda Kresge eased our girl’s pain and she slipped her mortal coils, our Tootsie drew her last breath and gently left us for eternal slumber.
Rest well and run free, our best girl.

Our beloved Tootsie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August of this year. Tootsie was fostered by Janet Brennan and came to us in November 2013.