Off to Nebraska

Some of you may remember one of our foster dogs, Layla. The young, beautiful and highly, I mean HIGHLY energetic 1 year old female black lab. She went to canine scent school to be a police dog. She excelled in their program.

Today was the big day. She officially “graduated” their program and joined a police force in Nebraska! Yes, Nebraska. Originally she was going to stay in NJ, but her handler was reassigned, through no fault of Layla’s she was looking for a new partner/handler.

Black Labrador Retriever Police Officer, Man, WomenBlack Labrador Retriever and Police PatnerPolice Badages

A small town out in Nebraska reached out to Throw Away Dogs Project, that’s the group that trains these dogs for police work and then donates them to police departments. The Oakland, Nebraska police are retiring their one and only police dog and are in need of a new scent dog. Well, Layla has a recently certified nose and was looking for a new partner. Her soon-to-be partner/handler and the police chief (btw, that’s literally the whole police department!) drove out to NJ to meet and train with Layla.

The foster parents, Nelson Diebel and Autumn Labanoski, were invited to meet her handler and to see Layla at “work”. It was so nice to be able to see her one last time before she makes the 23 hour drive back out to Nebraska. Yes, her handler and the police chief drove 23 hours one way for the opportunity to work with Layla!

We weren’t sure if Layla would remember us. It’s been quite a few months since we last saw her. She came out ready to work. Then she smelled us and she remembered! She got all wiggly, and pushed her head into me and gave me Layla kisses. Happy tears!

We really liked her handler and the chief. Layla will be Will, her handler’s, canine partner and go to work with him. When she is off duty, she will be his family pet. After a full day of work, Layla is ready to settle and be loved, as all dogs should.

Congratulations again to Officer Layla! We’re all so proud of you!!!