Useful Links

DogVacay – an online community that connects dog lovers to provide services to care for your pet like dog boarding, dog sitting, grooming and a few other services that are coming soon.
ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Labrador Retriever Club – information about the breed standard plus announcements about Club events and activities.
Pet friendly rentals all across the US
Pet Friendly Apartments (Doylestown area)
Pet Friendly Apartments (all areas)
Pet and Animal Emergency Planning
Shopping Green for Your Pet
Guide to Safe House Plants
Pet Proofing your Home
Moving with Pets – This is a really good article that gives great advice on how to adjust your pet to the area as your moving and how to keep them calm during the move so it’s less hard on them. I think sometimes people think moving might be too hard on their pet when really it’s quite manageable if you do a bit of planning first.
Pet Resume Guide -This helps you create a resume for your pet with fill in the blanks. There are surprising number of places for rent that require something like a pet resume, especially in college towns where most pets get dumped. Sometimes landlords that say no to pets only do so because they’re understandably worried, so even if a place doesn’t require a pet resume it can really help convince a landlord of pet that might be able to be registered as emotional support. People mainly abandon their pets because of a landlord who won’t allow them so anything that might help convince them I think would be extremely helpful.