Ashley #4

Ashley (who is now known lovingly as Potato) has settled into our little family beautifully over the past few months. Potato was very shy and nervous at first – she was afraid to go upstairs to her bed in our bedroom and mainly kept to her crate. Her crate is still her happy place, but she also loves to explore more of the house now!
We’re still working on how to interact with other dogs. We’ve made a few friends, but most dogs still get a very nervous and aggressive-sounding reaction so we have to be careful. But we’re going to school to learn how to behave nicely – it seems to be working!
Our favorite thing about Potato is watching her learn how to play and be a dog. She had no idea what to do with toys when she first came home. Now, she is a cold-blooded toy destroyer! She loves anything that squeaks and has even figured out to play fetch – both with us and by herself! If she wants to play but we’re busy doing something else, she’ll grab her squeaky ball and whip it out of her mouth toward the door so it bounces and rolls across the room. She is quite the smarty!
We’re so lucky to have been matched with our sweet Potato. She is so full of love and we have lots of love to give to her, too! Thank you Brookline, for bringing us together!
Danny, Ashling, and Potato