Bailey #18

Miss Yellow Bailey gets an F for Flunking….

yellow Labrador Retriever

So who actually does the flunking…. is it the lab… or the family? I guess she flunked at becoming more than a foster, but we flunked in deciding that she should just stay here with us forever. No more farms… no more puppies… no more cold nights outside in a kennel… no more getting stuck trying to climb over the back seat of the cr-v ( no promises on that one though)

She’s far from perfect…. she doesn’t come when called… doesn’t listen when we ask her to sit / stay/ shake / etc… she creaks and pops when shes been laying down too long (but I guess I do too though 😁 ) so I just wouldn’t feel right, sending her off to some family who would be interested in a fluffy yellow lump…. but she just clicked with us, and even Dutch, nearly right away.. which for him is saying something!

chocolate and yellow Labrador RetrieverI guess to an extent…. one of the side effects or side causes… or side results of all of this, is that my work schedule will be changing drastically within the next month…. I’ll no longer be home by 11am or so daily, and Bailey has proven herself more than trustworthy to be left home alone with Dutch all day. Having a foster that needs more constant and frequent attention, won’t be doable at least for the near future. I still plan to be involved in transports and evals, but fostering for the time being will need to slow a bit. I think having Bailey here though would help with future fosters.

So yes… add us to the recent list of Foster Flunkies.

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