Two Girls Hanging Out for The Day by Beauty and Fudge

Hi, Lab Lovers. We are Beauty and Fudge. We live in the country with two nice senior citizens. Beauty came to our family in 2021 and Fudge has been here for about two months. Our new family lives in the country with lots of things to see and smell. Our home is surrounded by lots of trees, small critters, and an occasional human walking or driving by.
Both of us lived on a farm before we got our new home. We had lots of puppies. Our new mom and dad told us those days are over! They told us we are “retired,” just like them. It is quiet and peaceful in our neighborhood. We each have our own bed, though Beauty likes to sleep with our mom before she settles into her bed. It’s funny…we are fed twice a day like clockwork, we go out for walks several times a day, get our nails done, have spa days…it’s great! Mom tells Dad that he gives us too many treats but Dad says he can’t resist our love “eyes.” Best of all we can have scratches, belly rubs, cuddle, and pets all day long. Dad says we hit the jackpot. We sure did.
A lady named Val helped to get us off the farm and to our new home. A lady named Liz also helped Beauty. We learned soon after we got here that two other ladies, Jan and Karen, helped Tootsie and Twila to live here until they crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes Mom and Dad call us by the wrong names. That’s ok. We know how much they love us.