Hi, my name is Copper. Do you remember my story? When I was picked up by the Brookline Lab Rescue volunteers, I was in bad shape. My leg and hip were messed up because of an auto accident. I was hurting and scared because I didn’t have any idea what was ahead of me. Little did I know that becoming part of the BLR family was the beginning of a wonderful new life.

chocolate labrador retriever sitting in car

A compassionate and extremely generous BLR member paid for my veterinary care. My surgery wasn’t cheap. I am so grateful. I’m also grateful for my Foster Mom and Dad. They made me feel at home and helped me rehab from my surgery. When I started healing and feeling better, it was lots of fun because I had a couple of Lab buddies to keep me company. One day we went to a Meet and Greet. That’s when I met my forever mom and dad. They told me that they loved me even before we met. Soon after, the adoption process began with the help of yet another terrific BLR volunteer. Finally, the day came when my foster family brought me to my new home. They did everything possible to make the transition easy for me. Although I didn’t like saying goodbye, I knew that I would be loved and well cared for in my forever home.
A couple of weeks after I arrived, I had a birthday party. We had a doggie cake, candles, and party hats. The week before that we watched the Eagles win the Super Bowl. After all that excitement, I settled in and knew I was going to like it here. My mom and dad soon discovered that I love to snuggle and be petted. If they get tired of petting me, I use my head and nose to remind them that I want more. My favorite furry friend is Tula. She spends a lot of time at our house. We get along great. That’s because I am a gentle and sweet girl. And everyone tells me that I am beautiful. Not to brag, but I do have a shiny, deep chocolate brown coat and mesmerizing eyes. I’m smart, too. I was the oldest in the Training class, but I learned quicker than the puppies. Unfortunately, my mom and dad learn quickly, too.  They don’t leave food on the counter anymore. They thought I was perfect until they caught me counter surfing.  I thought they left it there for me. I have fun chasing the squirrels and other critters in my yard. We take long walks every day to keep me strong and fit. I’m happy to tell you that I can run fast; I almost caught a squirrel. Jumping on and off the sofa or bed is no problem for me. It’s like all that bad stuff never happen. Life is good. chocolate labrador retriever laying in grass
Well, that’s the rest of my story. I will always be grateful for the people at BLR who made it possible to have a happy ending to my story. Thank you to the entire Brookline Lab Rescue family.

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