Edith (now Edie)

black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mix

We were so excited to get the phone call from our volunteer, Sue, that we had been chosen to adopt Edie!!

We met Edie in a church parking lot along with her foster parents and another volunteer, Chandra. As soon as we got close to Edit she turned onto her back so we could rub her belly. Since that day, we have rubbed Edie’s belly many times a day!!

Edie is such a good girl. Her foster family taught her well for the short time they had her. She is very intelligent, fun loving and social. She has mastered a trick she has been working on for a few weeks. She can carry two toys in her mouth at the same time. She does this whenever she can!! She has brought the laughter and love only a dog can bring. We fell in love with her since the day we brought her home. We are so lucky to have Edie as part of our family.

Brookline Lab Rescue is very easy to work with and they care very much for all the dogs they rescue. Our volunteer, Sue, was so helpful and patient with us. She answered all of our questions, and there were many!!

Thanks you BLRR and Sue for trusting us to give Edie a new home.