As we reach the anniversary date of adopting Ginger, I just wanted to give you an update on how our sweet girl has progressed. Ginger’s foster, prior to placement in our home, was able to bring Ginger to a place where she was ready to try to trust new people. I am forever grateful for Ginger’s foster mom and to Brookline Labs.  It was a stressful transition for Ginger, however our dog Crash took on the responsibility of showing Ginger the ropes and making her feel safe and welcome very quickly.
Over the course of the past year, Ginger has come a long way. She is still very shy with people and sometimes overwhelmed with new experiences. We have learned to do activities at Ginger’s pace. Crash has learned this too. Ginger loves her daily walks and trips to the beach. Ginger loves meeting new dog friends. Ginger loves her puzzles and has finally shown her incredible intelligence to her family.  Ginger can get into trouble when she gets bored, hence the daily puzzles and walks. She loves her tennis balls and she loves to swim.  She has learned the commands stay and wait, but we are still working on sit and down as Ginger does not like these commands and can be very stubborn. Lol. Ginger has quite the personality now that she has more confidence.
Ginger has made tremendous strides, has learned to trust certain people and has confidence in her routine. There are still days when she struggles and she still has a long way to go to be a fully confident pup, but Crash will stay by her side as she continues to learn and trust. We love our Sweet Ginger.