yellow lab with bandannaWe adopted Grady in March 2017. He’s our second Brookline Rescue (our first was Sydney, who we adopted in 2004). When Sydney passed in 2016, we weren’t sure if would ever have another dog. A couple of months later, we reached out to Brookline to see if there were any dogs who were in need of a good home – which in reality, it would be an active, crazy and at times insane home!

We were sent some details on a 2-year-old Yellow Lab named Grady. He had been up for adoption for a few months and had been placed in homes which did not work out. He was too energetic, didn’t get along with other pets and had most recently been placed in a home where he reportedly “had daily accidents and at times didn’t even know he was urinating.” In all honesty, our first impression was that – “this wasn’t exactly the resume that that we were looking for”…but we also felt we had to meet this guy!yellow lab on bed

After a brief meet and greet at his kennel, we thought that our busy household could be the break that this lab was looking for. We’ve now had Grady for three years. He’s a great dog – he’s a big lug, he energetic, he still begs for table food, he barks through the fence at neighbors, he still severely lacks “manners” when guests first arrive at our house – but he’s perfect for our family. He’s a loving dog, always a pleaser, loves walks and being pet, loves being around people and BTW – hasn’t had a single accident in our house since he’s been with us. He found his forever home!

We’ve hit the lottery with Brookline twice – Sydney in 2004 and Grady in 2017. We couldn’t imagine our family without these two, Giving these dogs a second (or in Grady’s case a 3rd or 4th) chance has been such a blessing to our family!

Many thanks to Brookline and their awesome donors and volunteers who help find great homes for dogs like Sydney and Grady!

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Even if you are not ready to adopt, you can still help us help our Labs!

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